Sunday, September 12, 2010

Recap - The Flea

WTF!  Whoo - the flea!  We did it!  And learned, and made friends, made contacts, and even sold a few pieces here and there!

Thanks especially to the Henry's without whom we would not have had signs or cards and packaging - plus onsite support - keeping me grounded and teaching me some invaluable sales tips!  And thanks to ALL our friends who came out to support and see the booth - it was so wonderful to see familiar faces! 

the booth
a fan!
The blankets - and our cardboard/chalkboard info signs
Band Pants/Bow ties/flowers & our enter-to-win sweeps!
Fabric flags and an old velour bedspread covered the table.

More recaps to come - some action shots of Ben working (and totally managing!) the booth, some shots of our wonderful friends, and more importantly more info and detail shots of our merch, as we embark on blog-selling!  Oh!  and an updated logo for Smmidge (previewed at top) coming very soon!  So much going on!  Have a great week!

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