Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life choices

I spent some time at Whiterock Lake recently, contemplating life. . . that's right.  I'm in an ongoing existential crisis.  This is me considering life:
 While there, I realized that this is the car I want to be driving when Ben and I are old and going to the grocery store at 10 in the morning on a Saturday in our lightweight cotton woven pants, gray hair and hats.  Much like the couple I saw driving it outside of Kroger.  Groovin' through their lives in the Wagoneer.
  And with my current obsession with men's fashion - this was my recent Sartorialist moment that (again, while at the lake) I realized I want to have more of.  I was in Portland working at the Dew Tour, and saw this very chic, easy-cool guy.  I stopped him and asked to take his picture to show his style to my husband (and blog community).  He said yes and struck this pose.  Turns out he lives in Portland and manages all of Nike's global endorsements.  Yep.  Big-wig Nike exec.  Well. . . he's got style while doing it.  But - in another moment of clarity - I don't want to be a Nike exec.


  1. Molls! I love that car! Sentimental for me. I grew up with those. My dad drove his first one for a few hundred thousand miles. The story is that he pulled over when it hit 200K and drank a bottle of Dom with my uncle. My mom always says she was upset b/c he had never found an occasion special enough to drink one with her. He had plastic covers over the back bench seat. I remember burning my legs in the summer and getting out of the car and having the imprint of the design anywhere that had been touching the seat (back of legs, face and arms when I had been napping - no car seats then). I can vividly remember that pattern! It had an 8 track player and I had a few for kids. I loved a Frosty the Snowman Christmas one and an Elvis one they would play for me. He bought one in '89 exactly like the one in your picture. Just told Mom on our walk 2 days ago that I wish Dad still had that one.

  2. you crack me up! love the story!!! The Reids and Magills had a love affair with those kinds of vehicles! Ben has fond memories of those too. They are still super cool. xoxo


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