Friday, October 29, 2010

Smmidge Fall Reading List

So excited about A Vintage Affair - mixing my favorite things: fashion, history and breathing life into the vintage.
What can I say?  Love Ina.  Love easy cooking.
I am not immune to Oprah's power.  Looking so forward to Freedom.
Loved the first one and the movie - and a sucker for an easy escape.

Everyone needs a Mom/Daughter journey read....
I'm OBSESSED with these bookends from Byrd & Bleeker - perfect to hold your fall reading list!
Have a wonderful autumn weekend!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lissie - defining groovy

Saw this chick during ACL and she is amazing - love that raw, raspy voice, and unfettered style.  This song is one of my faves.  Plus she's from a small town - love that.  Check out more here - especially  "everywhere I go".  Enjoy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Concert Chic

Spotted this groovy gal at the DAWES show at Sons of Hermann last Saturday - I mean pig tails, a PBR and a camel bag and booties with all black?  Hello cool.  Nice to see you here.   
I had to meet her - and it turns out they both looked great.  Love them together - that edgy-effortless sort of cool-chic (I express best with alliteration and hyphens) that I find elusive.  I mean, look at her bangs and his mocs!  They were very nice too, and turns our they hail from OKC!  Ben is from OK and we lived in OKC the year before we married - very fond memories of that place, it was a magical time, and still love to pass through on our way to family visits.  What's that?  Don't think of OKC as a fashion hub?  Well the proof is in the puddin' (as we say) - take a look!

Found some great options for camel booties and bags from my fave spot Anthro - check 'em out.
Anthro's Uber Urbane Bag
Anthro's Tulipan Booties

Friday, October 22, 2010

James Magee and The Hill

THINK on KERA tends to cover things that interest me. This interview moved me.  I don't have the words to do the man or the work justice, I can only say that he spoke of things that move me - family history and the geography of your roots.  There is a spirituality in respecting those who come before you and how they influence you, how you are still them, their beliefs, their faith, their hope.  I suggest taking the time to watch it for yourself.  More on James Magee and The Hill here

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oldies, but Goodies too-Shoes

Some of the coolest and funkiest women's shoes on the market for fall are, strangely enough, some of the classics from my childhood.  I'm calling them funky comfort.  Can classics be funky, you ask?  YES.  Pair 'em with some skinny dark rolled up jeans, groovy socks, a tee and some rhinestones and POOF!  Straight cool.  Atleast in my world. . . check out my top list:

Just ordered the Minnetonkas from JCrew - they are all over the internet though, and in several different styles.  These are my fave!

Sueded New Balance, need I say more?  When I met Ben, he had on purple suede tennis shoes much like these - love them.

Bass Ellie - these would rock with all black.  

Um - not JUST for Martha Stewart anymore, these Habbytans from Bass, or Duckies, as we always called them are rocking my world.  How cute!  With jeans, yes!  But with black leggings, skinnies, or a plaid skirt, knee socks and a tee would just be perf in my book.  Autumn!  Muah!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cyber obsession - Knitta Please

I was looking through this month's issue of THEME (love them) - such a great airplane read - and I came across a write-up on "knit graffiti", "yarnbombing", "knit tagging", whatever you would like to call the people that go into (often urban) environments (invited or not) and tag an otherwise hard, utilitarian piece of metal, sign, handle etc with yarn. . . customized, knit to the piece onsite.  I found it a fascinating & beautiful expression of the human spirit. . . and I'm completely in love with opposing materials like this.  A-mazing.  And also hilarious and whimsical two characteristics that please me to no end.  The coolest and maybe the original knit graffiti artist is Magda Sayeg, founder of Knitta Please.  I'm completely obsessed right now.  I particularly love the urban handles and sign posts - the unexpected little works they have completed that must surprise and delight anyone who notices them.  But the larger works are extraordinary and hugely impactful - see the trailor at El Cosmico in Marfa TX.  Plus, the colors - so gor-r-r-geous.  Check out Knitta Please and keep your eyes peeled for a little legwarmer on your nearest street lamp . . . if you are lucky.

Image from - Lamp Post in Austin

Image from - sign in Austin
image from - Trailor at El Cosmico in Marfa TX

Thursday, October 14, 2010

That One-of-a-Kind Sorta Cool

Look at these groov-a-lish blankets!  These are the most current stock of blankets for Momofandango by Smmidge, and they turned out so cute!  There are two sizes (and even more options) - the Stroller Blanket is a little more rectangular and perfect for an outing in the car or stroller, and the Biggie is, well, bigger - and perfect as a playmat (and/or a dog bed cover around our house).  Each one is unique and has some vintage, new, and sometimes repurposed fabric in the design.  They are super sturdy, wash easily and may even be something to keep forever!  I'm currently working on personalization techniques (think letter appliques and birthdate stamps (in non-toxic paints of course).  Really excited to add that service in very soon!  Find our "under construction" Facebook page here for even more info and pics! 

In the meantime folks, I'm heading to Vegas for "the day job", and working on my applications for Holiday shows so stay tuned!  

PS - if you read the previous post, note the stamped price tags - they are super cool.

Momofandango Biggie Blanket 
Momofandango Biggie Blanket
Momofandango Biggie Blanket
Momofandango Stroller Blanket
Momofandango Stroller Blanket
Momofandango Stroller Blanket

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Few of My Favorite (work) Things

I was making a list and doing a few things tonight as I prep to leave town for work this weekend (Vegas for the Dew Tour).  I'll lose a few days on work towards the launch of the Smmidge mobile shop, applications for Holiday shows, and continuing to brain storm and search for inspiration for the next project and round of product for Momofandango . . whew - anyway, I looked down and realized there were some pretty cool things surrounding me - some of my favorite things really.   Take note and enjoy it when you do!  

  • Numero uno, a yellow tablet (get them at your nearest office supply store) - it is just so lovely to have a sturdy notepad perfect for work and for home - love it.  
  • And my most fave pens on earth - the Pentel Sign pens - my former boss and good friend Brian and I ordered them atleast 3 years ago and I still have them (and in the most fabulous colors).  
  • ReadyMade magazine.  I can't even say enough about how much I love (and use!) this magazine.  It's projects, fashion, food, crafts, culture, design. . . And beautifully put together.  I love magazines, period - but this one is definitely on my "keep list".  (We have lots of magazines, but only keep the now discontinued Domino, Elle Decor, and Dwell, and every now and then a Vanity Fair).  I reference my old mags all the time for inspiration and ideas.  
  • Some old drawings of handbag designs from the end of college that I just came across. . . they are not bad!  I love that I kept them and can look back on what I was thinking 12-15 years ago.  I love that they are on really good cardstock, and that I took alot of care of the creation of the drawings.   I love that creating, designing, whatever you call it has been a part of my entire life. .. it makes me realize I'm in the right place, though still working towards the right balance.
  • Finally, my most favorite stamps (the 2000 Plus Felt Stamp Kit with Wooden Handle) and paper luggage tags on which I have been stamping my information for a handmade business card, and for price tags.  I just love how they have been turning out. . . rustic but simple and cool.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Off to Print[s]

Too Small to Fail by Aesthetic Apparatus

Loving prints of all kinds these days - but these really speak to me.  The colors particularly - they are right in my comfort zone - and the messages - well, they speak for themselves. . . and for me, each to some facet of my life right now.  Don't you love when you connect with something?  It makes you realize you are not alone.  Awesome-ness.  You can check out each artist's websites for more (see captions) - or just go to Poster Cabaret for these and SO much more. . . 

M is for Magic by Hollie Chastain
Love Hate by Blanca Gomez

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chiefs of Enchantment

Chiefs of Enchantment head pieces - so of-the-moment. . . 
We survived the ACL weekend and even came away with some super moments, not the least of which was my afore mentioned favorite band - Dawes.  Saw them at the Emo's on Saturday night, and for me it was religious experience. . . I was moved to tears more than once, and in between I was moved to pure joy,  moved to dance and holler - it was magical.  More to come on the weekend (including Monsters of Folk and Angus and Julia) but now I want to share more inspiration drawn from Boardwalk Empire - check out this clip from tonight's episode (below). . . I'm just dying over the head pieces.  Sure, there is a larger important message about women's suffrage movement that is really more interesting. . . but the costumes are always what captures my attention - and a way to recreate the style today from the lovelies at Chiefs of Enchantment - and on Etsy.

Gorgeous lace headpiece
Loving the feathers from Chiefs of Enchantment
no words for this - just love.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Super Austin Weekend

So this week has already been crazy - and it's about to get crazier as we head to ACL tomorrow - SO dang excited!  We are going childless to meet my brother and sister-in-law who already live in that rad town (thanks Gigi and Pop, Dinks and Dado for allowing us to leave our kiddos!)  So all day tomorrow in Zilker Park - woo hoo!
Saturday we are going to just hang around town - and Saturday night we are catching and after-concert at Emo's - inside. . . intimate - with my absolute fave-of-the-moment band - DAWES and this, my friends, is my favorite song (for now) still my girl - a rockin' jam with some amazing moments in the lyrics. . . love it - and gonna to live it on Saturday night!  

See you next week!  

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I [heart] Symmetry Scarves (and Bobbie!)

Dying over these wool scarves by Symmetry - that yellow is my FAVE
Whew!  What a week!  I have been a little out of pocket (in ATL) traveling for my day-job (pesky sometimes, but alas, it pays the bills. . .) Sometimes, the j-o-b allows me to meet and work with some really wonderful people, I admit it (recently Tim Gunn, and last year the, uh, Real Housewives of NYC - oh yeah.) -  and this week was one of those opportunities.  I had the chance to work with super-stylist to the stars, columnist, and Style Editor (on one of your favorite morning shows, and mine - eh-hem Today Show Friday segs) - and she hosted a fashion show for my company - and what a wonderful girl!  Bobbie is all about women - and she means it - she knows what we go through and how much fashion has an impact on how we feel. It was really fun to get to work with her - and I mean she works - digging in and really pulling clothes, working the models, hanging with store staff, all the while finding out all about each person in the room, giving style tips and sharing stories.  It was a great experience - and since we are totally BFF now, I had to stalk her on her blog where I of course found something that may be my latest object de obsession - Symmetry scarves.  Seriously - these things are so cool.  I love their bulk.  Would really make it with simple leggings, a tee and studded boots. . .
I LOVE the hardware which allows you to position it just perfectly AND add some bling!
With Miss Bobbie, after a long but fun day!

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