Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Desperately Seeking Dining Chairs

Tolix A Chairs - image via Apartment Therapy
As you guys know from previous posts, I'm currently obsessed with updating my dining room furniture.  Primarily, I want to update my dining chairs.  We have a beautiful hand-me-down Ethan Allen table & chairs from my in-laws.  It was in there casual dining space for almost 30 years and we would love to keep the table forever. When we received the set as newlyweds we were over the moon.  I did, however, immediately spray paint the chairs (my sweet in laws graciously said that would be fine by them) silver.  They are that 70s captain chair style. . . you know the ones.  Stylistically, they now seem to fit somewhere between "ahoy matey" and "ride 'em cowboy".  Anyway the silver grooved them up for us, but now that we are (ehem) mature adults I feel that we need to purchase or find something that is perfect for us.  These images reflect my favorites, mostly for purchase, and one for project (the windsor chair - or whatever perfect wooden chair we might find).  Also, most of these are what I would call expensive, with one super affordable option (see the Erland chair from IKEA below).  Click on the image source for more info - wish me luck and let me know what you think!  xx - m.m.
Glossy Windsor Chairs - image via Apartment Therapy

Eames Molded Plastic Chair - Image via Room and Board

Erland Chair - image via IKEA

111 Navy Chair - image via Design Public


  1. i love the simple chair design shown in the last photo... it is simple to redesign and add some fancy design in it...

    1. Thanks Miranda! I love that one too - did you know it's made from recycled coke bottles? so cool. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Hey smmidge, sorry to for the late reply.. im busy these past few months ago.. got to take care of some family problems.. ^_^ now im good..

      oh coke bottles? really?? nice.. i can hardly believe it.. the power of recycling at its best!

  2. I like the first pic but know that you would make any of these look amazing.

  3. MM - Let's play hooky one day & i will drag you to my secret office furniture shiteholes to find some dope chairs!

  4. So what did you end up picking?


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