Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Magazine Mix

I looked down to see these two magazines on my table, and I laughed.  Then I realized it's the perfect dichotomy of my style. . . probably true for you, too.  Country Living and Foam.  Seriously?  Well. . . yes.  Why not?  I sometimes need to bust out of my typical go-tos of Dwell, Elle Decor and vintage issues of Domino.  

Here's my breakdown: 

It's hard to believe Country Living is still alive in the age of dying magazines, especially ones that have been around for more than 10 years.  It really does have good ideas.  Fun tips. Nice photography.  And it's less baby blue duck motif country, and more livable, eclectic, bright family homes.  And Foam is well. . .cool.  Maybe too cool for me in real life, but I like to know about what they know.  It's young, but not too young.  It may highlight 20 somethings, but also super cool 30 somethings and I find the info about smart, cool creatives across the country and ideas, projects, art - fascinating.  

I'm not fully a "Foam girl" and I'm not fully a "Country Living lady".  But put them together and I'm right in my comfort zone.  Marketers hate me.   xx - m.m. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's About Music. And Edward Sharpe.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros "That's What's Up"
from Austin City Limits on Vimeo.
Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros starred in my first post on smmidge and they were my inspiration that day, and beyond. . . and still when I hear them, I'm happy and inspired.  The connectivity we can find through music is amazing and, well, essential to well being.  Atleast my well being.  What about you?

This song, "That's What's Up",  especially goes to my husband.  I love the words and aren't they so so true?  And the expression through words and movement in this video, I just adore.  Ben and I stay connected and inspired to this day through music, and it was one of the anchors of our young relationship. . . I suppose it still is.    Even so, sometimes, when you are lost, you need some music to bring you back.  When you need a break, music can provide it.  When you need to remember, music can take you there.  That's us, and probably all of us.

Below is another song that takes. me. there.  To another place.  But still keeps me connected, if that makes sense.  Angel from Montgomery.  Love this old, imperfect moment at FarmAid years and years ago with Bonnie Raitt and John Prine.  They didn't care about the audio problems or the mess-ups.  They still let it take 'em there.  And here is a very imperfect, old, late night, long-talks-and-beer rendition of the same, by Ben and me.  Thank goodness my friend put the grainy filter over it.  That is all.  But then again, who cares, because it's about the music and that made (and makes) us all happy, connected, and takes us there.   xx - m.m.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chic Totes for Flea Markets and Montages

We ventured to a flea market a few weeks ago, and I realized I had nothing cute to carry.  I envisioned a video montage of our day (set to the Lumineers of course), all of us carrying colorful, quirky finds and me carrying a super chic flea market tote.  Well, ehem, that wasn't exactly that case.  We had a rickety, loud wagon and cute but old mesh "Madonna" tote from our honeymoon in San Miguel de Allende.  Though I still have love for it, it just didn't seem right and the handles are too small.  So since that day, I've been looking around for totes to love.  Etsy was the best source I came across because I don't care to have something from the department store that is exactly the same tote as everyone else.  Here are three of my very faves, with good shoulder straps, cute prints and clean utility.  I'll keep you posted on my final choice and here's hoping we can all be the flea market chic of our video montage dreams.  xx - m.m.
Leathinity via Etsy
Hattakam via Etsy
Bayan Hippo via Etsy

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love is a Balloon

It's the little things, right?  This week is all about the little loves.  One smiley face balloon from the dentist and a little boy fell in love and his afternoon was filled with the best sort of play.  Spontaneous, imaginative, happy play.  I loved watching this, and him, and the balloon.  Who doesn't love a balloon?  xx - m.m.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love is a Chair

It's Valentines week, and who doesn't think of love during Valentines?  Love can be found in many things.  Of course love for our family and friends, moments shared, experiences and memories.  But what about love of a simple thing that makes you happy, like a chair?  I feel happy when I see the curves of this bentwood chair, and I just love it.  It's one my favorite vintage finds in a long time, and the experience of finding it was a good one I shared with my family.  Look around, there might be something small or unexpected that makes you happy. Little loves are good, too.  xx - m.m.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Show the Love

Love temp tattoo via Paperink
I came across these adorable Valentine's temp tattoos.  Had to share.  Seriously.  How fun for the day?  Show your groovy side, then wash it away.  xx - m.m.
I heart sparkles via Tattly

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Inspired by Guitar Straps

Ben's guitar strap sitting on his music stand.
The music stand came back out at our house recently, and with it, my husband's vintage guitar strap which is dear to us both.  It just totally speaks to his love of 70s rock and the look of the 70s in general.  It always reminds us of the old days, when after every meal or get-together, the guitar came out and the music began.  Music has played an important role in both our lives and especially our relationship.  Our first conversation was all about music, in between singing songs, and about the songs he was writing and listening to.  When we were dating, we even had a weekly gig at a little bar across from our apartment in OKC.  Oh, the love and fun of those times.  Anyway, the cool guitar strap he keeps is just the coolest, and inspired by it, I found this belt for years ago - the one in the photo below.  I've always called it my "guitar strap belt".  I think it was a William Rast for Target find back in the day and I literally wear it with everything and it brings just a twinge of country and tad of 70s which I love, too.  The patterns on guitar straps are so lovely if you really look at them.  They could inspire an outfit, or even a room.  Here are some other cool guitar straps and music inspired things I've seen recently. . . . Here's to the 70s and a little music inspiration in style. xx - m.m.
guitar strap belt
guitar strap cuff

Guitar strap I want as a belt.

Beading pattern for a guitar.  Can we say "backsplash"?
OBSESSED with these found on Etsy.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gone Junking

The wagon was a must-have.
Last weekend, we decided we needed to get out of town on the spur of the moment.  We were in need of a change of scenery, something to get us out of our daily routine and provide a little inspiration.  Without much time to plan, and little time period, we serendipitously realized it was the weekend of First Monday in Canton, TX.  We had never been, and having a bit of "junker" in our blood, we thought it would be fun.  Luckily Canton a short drive from Dallas and even with a coffee/bagel pit stop on the way, we were there in no time.  As first timers, we learned a lot and saw a ton of people and junk, and things.   Even so, we were literally only on the very edges of this massive flea market.  We'll probably take a different route next time considering we only saw a fraction of the place.  We did find a few things, had lots of moments of inspiration and had a great time.  Here's to not having a plan and lucky weekend inspiration.  xx - m.m.

What a cool horoscope calendar.
I loved this cart full of plants coming down the way.
Um, hello?
I loved this guy and his lighting junk-art.  He had a real point of view amongst the rest.

Homemade ice cream
I had to have this bentwood chair.

We couldn' t leave without capturing this -- camo bathing suits.  Yep.  I'll take my bentwood chair, thank you.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Embracing Crows Feet

Meryl Streep
I recently realized I respond more positively to women who aren't afraid to show their crows feet.  You know, crows feet, those pesky crinkles beneath and around the eyes of someone who has seen her share of days.  That is, when a woman in her 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond has decided to own her age, her life.

In the media in particular, where it seems that most women are freezing there faces whether they are 26 or 76,  I've come to even crave some crows feet.  Perhaps it's because, after an evening of taking in the smooth, frozen facades of, say, the Real Housewives (don't judge), one look in the mirror at yours truly is well. . . shocking.  I think, "who is that and why is that face falling?"   When did I become a 36 yr old mom with crows feet and a fading jaw line?  Why don't I look smooth like (the much older, if I do say so) Lisa Vanderpump?  Oh, that's right, because I have not had face injections (yet?) and I have (even at only 36) seen my share of the good and bad of life.

At other are times though, by the grace of God, when I come across an image, a scene, an interview with someone like Drew Barrymore, Caroline Kennedy, Meryl Streep, or Cameron Diaz, I perk up as I see them smile with hints (or more) of crows feet or lines in their cheeks.  When this happens,  I'm amazed by my own amazement.  Should it be so shocking to see lines on a face?  I think not.  It's nice to see their emotions.  I see a life lived in the lines, and why shouldn't I?  It's quite refreshing and still beautiful.  Same goes for real women in the mall or the grocery store. . . the ones without botox and facelifts stand out in a good way.  I feel more connected to them, as I know my own life (happiness and sorrow) shows in the lines on my face, too.

I love this song by Willie Nelson and it sums it up:

This face is all I have, worn and lived inAnd lines below my eyes are like old friendsAnd this old hearts' been beaten upAnd my ragged soul has had things roughThis face is all I have, worn and lived in

Look, I'm not saying that to look and feel young isn't a good thing.  Taking care of our skin, our bodies, our minds is important.  And help in keeping a youthful glow is not all wrong.  A bit here and there can really be helpful and quite nice. . .and I can't say I won't do something in the future when I have jowls and a constant frown.  But for me, right now, to see someone let their life and age show is inspiring and freeing. Life isn't always smooth, but that doesn't take away the beauty.  xx - m.m.

Elizabeth Banks
Caroline Kennedy
Natalie Maines
Cameron Diaz
Lauren Graham

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