Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Reading List. . . for a 2 yr Old

These books happen to be Buggers' faves this summer. . . and also lovely books with awesome messages, amazing illustrations and room to use your imagination.  They came from thoughtful Aunts and Uncles, caring Grandparents and friends and us. . . parents who can't seem to escape the book section without a little something for the library. . . good thing is, these books will be forever be relevant so here's hoping Buggers has them forever.  And here's to words and imagination in the meantime!
 Not A Box by Antoinette Portis
 Olivia Forms a Band by Ian Falconer
 Not Me! by Nicola Killen
 Harry and Horsie by Katie Van Camp
 Elmer by David McKee
 Everywhere the Cow Says Moo by Ellen Slusky Weinstein
Grump Groan Growl by Bell Hooks

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Romper Roundup

Sass & Bide Romper from Shopbop
Here's my quickie romper [roundup] - ya gotta love a romper.  And these in particular mix easy summer style and comfort to last the rest of the summer.  Check 'em out and rock a romper (ok, I'll stop).  The striped one is even on sale. . .   

Striped Weekend Romper from Madewell (on sale!)

adorable printed drawstring romper from GoJane

Smmidge Studio up on Etsy!

We are up on Etsy - Hooray!  Check out Smmidge Studio for some groovy baby blankets for the little hipster in your life.  More pieces coming up soon including our Band Pants.  I'm so excited, and I hope you like our stuff. . . our Etsy store has been a long time coming.  

Monday, June 27, 2011


For quite awhile, I have wanted to share with you the home of one of my dear friends (and my former boss), Brian Morrison.  There was a fab house, then a sell and a move and crazy schedules in between for Brian, but it's time.   We recently made time to catch up so I could see the new house and so we could drink wine and talktalktalk for hours about every subject imaginable.  You know those talks with friends.  I love it and adore him and his terrific partner John.  Brian is the creative force behind the visual store experience for The Container Store (I know - you love that store too!), and clearly as you'll see, he has created a beautifully eclectic, chic, modern but comfortable home.

Brian and John are collectors (though sometimes Brian would say he is a junker too - he loves flea markets but that's another post) from books to vintage glass and pottery, to art work.  They love art, particularly young, new and local artists, and their collections and passions inform their home.  It's truly a reflection of their lives.  And those layers and displays are my favorite part of the house.  Lovely.  I hope you enjoy it.  More Abode installments to come.  Happy Monday y'all.

 There is Brian, doing what he does best - merchandising!

Don't you love this pop of red room?!
Bri giving me the tour.  
 The outdoor living space is beyond.

 I stayed so long that evening that I had to include some night time shots.  The lighting pops and contrast with the art was gorge.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Groovy Quality Peoples

I just came across this t-shirt brand, Quality Peoples and I'm kind of obsessed, though not totally convinced I'm cool enough to pull off the straight groove of the people[s] in the pictures, I can imagine trying.  Beautiful designs and branding, inspired by Hawaiian surf and Mexican folklore and street culture. . . and they support a meaningful cause (ahhh the Toms model - genius).  Every tee sold supports P.E.A.C.E.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Adorable fashion line and designer both called Sheridan French.  Spotted on her smart blog The Southern Eclectic

Hello happy.  B&W stripes and pink and red flowers.  Love all around for these love party mock ups  spotted on Bash Please - those smarty pants.

Who wouldn't love a sequin dress and a Kate Spade elephant purse?  Spotted this awesome shot on Pretty Stuff

Oh my - can you believe these beautiful wings?  Spotted on the very pretty little blog, Llevoelinvierno which my hubs loosely translates to "I take winter with me wherever I go".  Magic words and wings.  

A gorgeous and simple jewelry holder spotted on Evie S.  I love this blog for all things creative - it's just so lovely and she's an Oklahoman.  And you know I can't help but love Oklahomans, having married one and all.

Lovely Thursday, y'all!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm Hot

. . .literally.   And I need a popsicle.  These avocado and cantaloupe versions from Brook & Lyn look scrumptious on this humid, Dallas summer day.

Simple Delights: lunch, balloon & blankets

We had a Northpark afternoon recently that was just plain fun.  Never thought I'd say that about a mall day with my fam, (aren't there better things to do? yes. . .) BUT, Northpark is a wonderful mall for a mall.  From chicken nuggets to amazing foliage, to major & well. . . fabulous consumption, to high art and beautiful people watching - its got it all.  This day, the chicken nuggets and a balloon took the cake.  Plain and simple, of course.  And I got a few things marked off my list to boot. With the mechanical worker sculptures (who's that artist?) taking a close second ("wow mommy, look at those big guys!").   And in other simple delights, I'm loving getting some of my very favorite smmidge Studio blankets ready to be sent out to their new homes.  I've taken a bit of a break from this recently (but nursery design update to come soon!) and am really jazzed to rev this important and fulfilling part of smmidge back up.  They are so soft and funky!  My favorite mix.  Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hear it. Love it. Time Spent in Los Angeles

My new fave song off the Dawes new album Nothing is Wrong

Smmidge Style (Guest): Hells Bells

Well hells bells, we are all about professional photography around here. . . eh, not exactly.  But background aside, isn't this look so stinkin' cute!?  I get to work with some stylish sisters, but Miss B takes the cake.  A former stylist (turned pr maven) and overall creative thinker, she always comes in top-to-bottom cool.  I love it.  And this look (minus the cardboard boxes) could be right off the Emersonmade siteIt's today's version of the 70's image below that we lovingly refer to as "Hells Bells".  So thanks, Miss B, for your rockin' looks.  And we've got more of her creations to share so stay tuned!
Jeans - Old Navy, Top - I Heart Ronson, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Espadrille Platforms - 

 What'd I tell ya?
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