Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Latest Pinterest - Spots and Spaces

image and source
Here are few of my latest and loveliest pins on Pinterest.  It is really fun to go back and check boards after a few days or weeks and see what has piqued interest.  It is such a good visual diary of personal style. Spots and Spaces is one of my favorite boards.  Check it out for inspirational interiors and decor.   It's so addicting isn't it?  Oh Pinterest, we love you! 
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

smmidge Style: Kid's Birthday Party Outfit

Hello!  I'm back from NYC and so happy to be home.  Upon arrival, the boys and I jumped headlong into a whirlwind weekend that included (gasp) a birthday party for one of Doss's classmates at his new school.    I was SO nervous (and dressed in what I call "raggedy casual". :) At least I had my new metallic bag!) but it went really well.  The people were great.  Super laid back and welcoming.  Yay!  And in the end Doss had an awesome time.  He bounced and slid and danced and hollered with glee until he could barely keep his eyes open on the way home.  Good days...  xoxo - m.m.
I would give you details on the look, but this stuff is so old I couldn't even begin!  These are staples you all have - a comfy button down, jeggings (yep), and a cardigan.  You can't go wrong, right?  
If he did it once, he did it a thousand times. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Few Days in the NYC and a Dream

I'm on the way home from a long 5 day stint in New York. It was a whirlwind of work punctuated by an important event about the transformation of a company and moreover about a man with a plan. What I learned most is that the universe makes momentum around a person acting on a dream... A vision. It's undeniable. Large or small, dreams matter and they can become reality with will. Whew. Deep thoughts. Fun times. On a lighter note I saw some fun little tidbits around the city that I caught on camera and sharing that with you here - from Buddakan (the food was amazing) to hotel room views, to street art, to wallpaper and window displays...One thing I missed capturing was running into Diane Von Furstenburg outside her headquarters when I almost bumped into her hunter green Bentley that was blocking the sidewalk. I feel a kinship with her and her hair. Embrace the curls! Other than that, just so happy to almost be home and see the boys and keep moving on my own plan. To quote the movie Pretty Woman- "whashyo dream?! Everybody got a dream..."
View of the Hudson River from my room at the Standard Hotel.
Zip tie art.
the High Line public park.
Drinks from atop the Standard Hotel.
Love this marble ottoman in the lobby of the Standard.
DVF window on 15th Street.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Make Your Home[tta] Last

Fifteen minutes is a lot to ask. I know. But stick with me. This is worth it if you love ideas plain and simple.... Even more if you love design, if you are interested in community and neighborhood redevelopment, rethinking preservation, and even how you live or want to live your life and what you want to say about today and tomorrow ...take the fifteen minutes (well almost seventeen but who's counting- you won't be once you start watching) and watch this (2yr old- where have i been?) Tedx Houston talk by Mark Johnson founder of Hometta. Love his understated way of talking about his big idea. Radical. You will love it.  ps I found Hometta by running into one of my new fave blogs (Jukebox Holiday)penned by Hometta co-founder, and Mark's wife - Jenny.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Makes Me Happy

I can't get enough of creative layered voices of talented women.  Love it.  This video isn't new, but it's fabulousness doesn't fade.  This joyful sound makes me so happy.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Instagram-able 3

Hi friends! What a crazy and exciting week it's been. I feel super rushed right now because the dayjob is really intense and demanding on top of getting used to Doss bear being in school and then normal life anyway...you know how it is. I'm ready for a vacay! Instead I'm off to New York on Sunday for what will be one of the most exciting and stressful trips I've ever been on. Five days if pure, crazy, stressful, magic. I'm ready to be on the other side. But can't help but be excited. In the meantime here are some bits of life that were caught on instagram. From accessories I love to Ben's rear view mirror hanger, to sweet baby boy who isn't a baby, to typography i ador, to dear friends, and some smmidge style in between....As always this exercise does me good. Soon you will see some other's bits of life here... So exciting! But for now it's just a smidge of smmidge. :). Wait- that's what I should have called this all along! Happy Friday. Xx- m.m.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guest Post by Green Eggs & Hamm

Hi everyone!  I'm SO excited to have Amy from Green Eggs and Hamm guest posting today with the grooviest, simplified DIY headdress project for you and your funky kiddos.  I mean, it's perfect considering her logo, right?!  She's my go-to for fun projects, and especially thrifting tips, and more . . . plus she is a cute, quirky mom who makes me laugh. Fab combo.  All I can say is I'm totally making myself one of these, too!  Thank you, Amy!  Can't wait until our next month's swap!  

Hey there!  So excited to be over here at Smmidge guest posting.  It's Amy from Green Eggs and Hamm.  GEH is where I blog about thrifting, crafting, cooking...and occasionally losing my mind being a working mom with a couple ornery kids.
Here is a super easy under an hour project.  I love me a quick craft.  I got the inspiration from Cloth Magazine but frankly didn't have the time or patience (right now) to do it.  I wanted instant gratification and this one required a lot of handsewing and a TON of feathers and trim!  I did put it in the archives because it's too great not too!
Here is the easy method!
 The Supplies:
  • glue gun-2- sticks of glue or more
  • feathers (I used 3 different sizes)
  • scissors
  • trim (I chose sequins)-optional
  • felt- you can also use this instead of leather if you don't use as many feathers!
  • elastic for closure (I used stretchy lace)
  • scrap leather-about 8" long and 4" wide (wide enough to double over the feathers you are gluing)
lay out your leather and start gluing the smallest feathers first...starting in the middle and working your way out.
add your bigger feathers over the small ones.  This takes  alot of glue!
Once you have a sufficient amount of feathers add a LOT of hot glue and fold the leather over the feathers. *make sure and leave a little opening at the ends to add your elastic or tie. 
 I cut about 6 inches of stretchy lace for each side...so I could tie it in a bow.
Now, lay out your embellishments.  You really don't even have to do this step but these sequins were calling my name.  I didn't like the orange leather so cut a piece of felt with scalloped edges to cover it as well.  I just hot glued them down.
There are no rules! Play around with it and add your own touch.

I can't even believe how cute, quick and fun this project is.  I'm all over this and can't wait to share my version!  Hope you have fun giving this one a whirl too.  THANKS AGAIN Amy!  And don't forget to check out GEH for more fun stuff from this craft queen. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dinner with Girlfriends with History

Cathy the newest mom with the newest baby looking great in her role.
I was discussing the importance of old friends with a new friend recently. ALL friends are important and I consider myself very lucky to have a handful of super amazing new and old friends. A few days after this conversation I found myself at dinner with my 3 dearest friends from college. . . and baby Cooper, of course, the newest addition to our group.  What a cutie. . .and what  good sport he is, and has to be with all of us being loud, acting nutty.  As the night progressed I came to appreciate (even more than I already did) what my new friend said about old friends.  There is something having history with people.  We know who we were and who we are, of dreams realized and lost, and can laugh and yell, and act a fool. . . nobody cares.  We can handle meltdowns, blowups and everything in between.  We've survived the ups and downs of life (so far) and of our friendships. . . basically, we know that shit happens - good and bad.  We have high and low expectations at the same time . . . we give eachother space, but demand the best of one another.  And in the end, when we are together, it's like we are all 18 again.   xo - m.m.
seriously.  Vicki and Kara hamming it up, taking direction well.  Love these mugs.
baby love.
me unabashed, of course, coaxing out C's inner performer.
i'm the newbie.  These cats have been together since grade school.
I said look up with your eyes, not your face!!!  see image at top.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Smmidge Style: Clothes Schmothes-I'm Wearing Eye Brightener

I can't get my hair washed (thus the hat) and I can't keep my kid dressed (who needs pants?), but by God I feel cute because of the previously mentioned Bobbi Brown eye brightener. It's changing my life.

Magic Potion for Moms (minus silly errors)

This is a quickie because Im exactly what Im about to describe...If you are a busy, atleast semi stressed, insane, nutty, bad multi-tasker, working mother who doesn't want to look as tired and bedraggled as you feel, here is a magic potion for pepping up your cute self....Your welcome. And by 'your' I of course mean you're. You. Are. Welcome. Let's face it, just because my eyes are brightened doesn't mean my brain works. Thank you Eilene, for not wanting me to look like a dumb-dumb. :) We should all have such friends.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Check Us Out @ Green Eggs and Hamm!

Hey guys!  I'm guest posting today over at the lovely, creative, quirky and hilarious Green Eggs and Hamm, one of my very fave Kansas City based blogs.  Amy will be bringing her awesomeness here to smmidge in the next couple of weeks too.  Think "DIY Headdresses".  Yep.  That's what I said!  Can't wait!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Toy for a Truck Loving Boy

This is an amazing toy!  Dinks, the toy sleuth/grandmother/former teacher, found this and it's so much fun while exercising some good skills like memory and matching.  It's the Sort and Match by Guide Craft and Doss is a big fan as am I. There are many other themes fir boys and girls but in our house its all about the construction vehicles!  He does it morning, noon and night putting together his favorite combos, and - psssssst- it's the only thing giving the movie "Cars" a run for it's money, which is a really good thing.  This and the mini tramp from pop, but he can watch while jumping. :) check it out! -xx, m.m.  

Monday, January 9, 2012

This & That on Dining Room Inspiration

Image via the Lennoxx
I'm really obsessed with a dining room re-do right now. . . and though we have some other big changes that may happen first, I'm enjoying seeking out some inspiration and direction that may drive my future dining area. . . along with some help from the amazing guys at Rehab Design Studio who can find the BEST vintage furniture (you remember them from this), I feel confident we will get this right. . . eventually!  I love all of these dining room images for one reason or another.  One common thread they all share is a mix of rustic and modern design and decor.  There are contrasting but complimentary finishes and textures that I find I'm attracted to in many different ways.  Above, I adore the bohemian mix of patterns and colors and that mustard yellow is just plain happy.

image via glitter guide
Oh what a beauty.  Colors and pattern against a simple clean but rustic table.  
image via Room Galleries
I am obsessed with these yellow metal chairs.  The table is not my favorite but it still achieves the mix of rustic texture against a smooth brighter color.  And I really do dig the oversized the piece of art in the corner too.  
image via Apartment Therapy
So, here I'm attracted to the rhythm that happens here with those high back chairs.  Again, the table.  . . not my fave but dig the strong, dark high chairs making a statement against the glass top of the table.  Are those gold oversized antler legs?
image via Kim Gray
OH!  LOVE that heavy block table against the soft white, mismatched chairs. . . relaxing in this space would so easy. 
image via Gypsy Mess
Perhaps my favorite image as I can really see myself in this room.  I love chalkboards (I first used chalkboard paint on my refrigerator door 10 years ago and it makes me so happy still!) and I think it's so cute and simple and interactive and chill as a part of this room. . .and again with those chairs!  Hope you enjoy these awesome spaces and find inspiration for your next dining room spruce up or re-do as well! 

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