Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm in Hell. No Wait, We're Just Moving.

I haven't missed a week of blogging since almost the beginning of Smmidge 2 yrs ago. I've pushed through sickness, work nightmares (like lay offs and offsite meetings), work trips, vacations, potty training, kids starting school, and family drama, and nothing has sent me for a loop more than the process of selling our first home, packing, moving all our worldly possessions and (fingers crossed) buying our next home in our new neighborhood. So many wonderful and exciting things to share in the future....and possible changes to smmidge....but in the meantime I'm in hell.... No..... Not really. Just knee deep in boxes, and that is where I'll remain for the next little bit. I'll check back with y'all as much as I can. Wish us luck! Xx- m.m.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Serious Case of Fabulous

I have a major case of love for the fabulousness of these iphone cases from iomoi.  Wowza.  They are so fun and over-the-top.  I think I may start being "Madame Fox of Palm Beach" in my everyday life (and on my iPhone case).  I don't know her but I may be her.  I love bright colors, pattern and icons, too. Who are you?  xx - m.m. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Paper Airplane Love

It's the little things. Like an awesome notepad from the Thunderbird Hotel in Marfa, and paper airplanes.  Hours of fun.  Happy summer. Xx- m.m.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blogger Profile: Blondie - Sarah

Hello guys.  So freaking happy to bring you the latest profile on a blogger I love.  When I say I hit some blogs daily, well, there might be some days I miss every now and then.  But not Blondie.  I never miss it.  It is unlike any others I have profiled and honestly unlike any others I've found.  She (Sarah, aka Blondie). Is. Hilarious. Irreverent. Honest. Confident and self-depricating (my fave combo). And gor-or-orgeous (see her party pics?! I love a cropped party pic). And she treats her blogspot more like a micro-blog, stream of consciousness dialogue, straight talking, of the moment updates on her life, from TV-watching (see Bachelor/Bachelorette updates unlike any others), to dating, and any other weird, hilarious, hijinks that make up her life. You just want to be her. . . or atleast her friend when you read it. Her profile reads: Dallas, TX, United States Blonde (natural). Single (not natural). What more do you need to know. - Nope, you covered it.  That is all I needed to be hooked. That, and her writing, totally unique and funny topics and the fact that she is also just a girl in my town putting it out there on a really cool blog - authentically - without some big media blitz or "strategic strategy" (that's office-speak).  I just love the passion behind this type of blog. And no, I don't know her in-real-life but we are making it happen soon. With one dear mutual friend, we actually have a legit reason to meet and are bound to be soon-to-be-friends. (keep you posted - and imagine me in one of these party pics coming soon.) In the meantime, I'll stay in the know on the life of this Dallas blond-bombshell on the blog (just look at these pics - this chick is loving life).  See more about Blondie below and of course at Blondie and enjoy!  xx - m.m. 
Meet Blondie-Sarah

[smmidge] Describe your blogging style.
[Blondie] Is "random" a style? I write about my life, but also about pop culture - i.e. weekly Bachelor/Bachelorette updates.
(see here for today's)

[smmidge] Describe your personal style. And a favorite piece (or two) that reflects your style.
[Blondie] I think my personal style is girly/funky (gunky, if you will). I am a label whore (but only when I can buy those labels on sale at TJ Maxx), but am a sucker for jeans and a white tank top as well. I love my aqua cowboy boots so much it hurts. Ooh - and this reversible coral and aqua necklace that I adore. At home, I have a set of colorful bowls from Anthropologie that are almost too cute to use. So they just sit there, looking pretty.
The Boots
THE necklace
some pretty Anthro bowls!

[smmidge] What keeps you inspired both on the blog and in life?
[Blondie] Chris Harrison.

[smmidge] Fave blogging songs.
[Blondie] I usually blog first thing in the morning at work, so there aren't any tunes. But my 3 favorite songs in general are Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams), Take on Me (A-Ha) and, sadly, Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen).

[smmidge] Last book you read.  
[Blondie] Only sort of embarrassed to say Fifty Shades of Grey

[smmidge] Your three favorite daily reads. 
[Blondie] WiDiDallas, Smmidge (yep, sucking up), and iHateGreenBeans

I couldn't end this profile without another party pic of Blondie - I just love her!  Thanks Sarah!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Color Chic: Orange & Pink

via PoppyTalk
I'm always drawn to a pop of color, but how about two?!  Y.E.S.  I love ALL color, and to layer two warm, hot colors like orange and pink is one of my very favorite, forward ways to make a splash.  Ok, so my super stylish mom was dawning hot pink and orange three years ago - now that was forward (as she always is) - but still, it makes a statement, even today, and generally it's a bright, groovy, and happy statement.  And it pairs well with bits of turq - who doesn't love that combo?  Here are some of my very fave chic combos of orange and pink.  Happy, bright Friday!  xx - m.m.

via SFGirlbytheBay
via rstyle
via richesforrags
via Anthology Mag
via Lonny Mag
via Lara Jade photography

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Instagram-able 9

summer styles are always colorful, paper airplanes, and a train ride in Fort Worth.
It's Thursday!  I love Thursday.  I think it just takes me back to college when it was THE biggest and best night for going out.  Today it is more like, "Ok, I really can survive one more day until the weekend - thank goodness!"Good ol' Thursday.

It's been a busy busy few weeks - as I always learn (or remember - my brain is constantly fried and playing catch-up) when checking my Instagram - whew!  The last few weeks were mainly punctuated by the end of Doss's school year and beginning of summer session, my birthday, and our anniversary.  You gotta love May and June, especially when it's your birthday and anniversary.  Go Geminis!  We love to celebrate this time of year. Hope you are having a fabulous start to your summer and celebrating it all, too (birthdays/anniversaries, or not!).  xx - m.m.
Summer evenings always include "fast wagon" rides, a FAVE birthday card from a friend, and I'm loving all the rattan I've seen in the vintage shops.  Obsessed with rattan.
We made it to Chicken Scratch for dinner and the signs (and vibe) are perfection, my new birthday top from my Momma, new fave beverage, and the most chic cement truck eva!
There he is on his first last day of school, my birthday evening restaurant - Lucia- FABULOUS, Bolsa Mercado, and sidewalk chalk fun.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It only looks like I slept in my clothes (and other disheveled's)

I didn't. . . sleep in my clothes, that is.  You should see my hair, though.  And the pimples on my chin. You would wonder, too.  But I didn't.  I find that I'm just a mess this time of year.  (ok ok, maybe all the time, but seems more noticeable this time of year atleast to me).  Maybe it's the heat and humidity?  Maybe it's just who I am - but I can't find it in me to iron a shirt and layer that onto crazy frizzball hair, pimples on my chin and general approach to fashion that doesn't include matching and I. . . well. . . look like I slept in my clothes.  How do you keep yourself together in the summer?  And/or are you a fellow disheveled gal like me?? Here are a few more below (of the annoying-beautiful-model-type-disheveled which is way.more.awesome.). . . happy, eh, summer (?).  xx - m.m.

via streetfsn
via witanddelight
via theelectric
via thelovelyish
found this perfect print from Funnel Cloud on Etsy - LOVE

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding Memories (6 yrs later)

Yesterday, June 3rd, was our wedding anniversary.  Can't believe it's been 6 yrs.  It seems, at once, like the blink of an eye and also like a lifetime.  I love to go back and look at our wedding pictures.  It was a wonderful, laid back, quirky party full of dancing, margaritas, mesquite branches, music, friends and family all under a grove of live oak trees.  This (above) was our photo "booth".  And yes, that is a faded green velour bedspread hanging in the tree. It was perfection.  I remember looking forward to that summer following our wedding and all the changes it would bring.  Little did I know!  But find myself feeling the same way now as we face a move and many life decisions that will impact our future.  It all works out though doesn't it?  Here are few more from that lovely evening.  Happy summer.  xx - m.m. 


That's my Dad in the background.  He performed our ceremony - so special.
and out to "Let the Good Times Roll" - and they did. 
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