Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Marfa, Sweet Marfa

Oh Marfa.  You sweet thing, you.  Stark.  Remote.  Welcoming.  Beautiful.  It makes so much sense to me now why genius artist and sculptor Donald Judd came here in 1971, as an escape from the the busy streets of Manhattan.  I'm from West Texas (though not nearly as far west as Marfa) and I long for wide open spaces.  It makes me feel clearer.  Like I'm thinking better, like I'm more myself.  Ben too.  He's from western OK, and was raised seeing long, warm, breathtaking sunsets.  So big skies, vast landscapes, and sunsets bring us back to ourselves.  That was just the prescription we needed as we arrived in Marfa for Thanksgiving 2010.  After a string of unexpected events including blizzards, extra time, invitations, and inspiration.

Go.  Go to Marfa.  It's a long way away - which to me, is a good thing.  It's keeping it real.  It's keeping it as it should be.  Away.  Warm (figuratively, as those desert winds are seriously cold!).  Welcoming and open. Undisturbed.  But lovingly sophisticated.   See more photos below and even more (Prada Marfa & Food Shark - a must see) after the break.  Go Marfa.

Downtown Marfa.  I need to live here.

I love the desert plantings.  Grasses and cactus.  As it should be.

The light in Marfa is spectacular.  Here are Ben and Doss wandering on a concrete resting area.  Beautiful and modern of course!!

Look at that sign.  The Thunderbird is a super groovy drive-in hotel restored to perfection.
The Chinati Foundation and The Judd Foundation are dedicated to preserving the works of Donald Judd  and displaying his contemporaries as well as supporting large scale artists.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving on the Road

Happy [non-traditional] Thanksgiving!  Been a bit out of pocket this week - went through Oklahoma to see Ben's family and are unexpectedly in Marfa, TX now for Thanksgiving.  We've spent alot of our time on the road this holiday week. . . it's tiring but free and fun too.  Doss and Guthrie (the pooch) are road warriors.  Not one meltdown! As you can imagine I'll have lots of fun updates and recaps. . . and wish us luck - this is the first time we have just taken off, away from our families (such a random string of events!), for a holiday. . . its got us little homesick, but we are excited to be in this groovy town, out here on the edge of nothing. . . vast.  beautiful.  strange.  All things that lead to good memories. . .and inspiration.  Much to be thankful for.  Best to you and yours.

Monday, November 22, 2010

"Is This Some Kind of a Joke..."

"...Will someone wake me up soon?  And tell me this was just a game we played called life"  Genius lyrics from one of my favorite songs - Game Called Life by Leftover Cuties - and the theme to a genius TV show, "The Big C".  Adore the stylized video - think its 30s/40s Speakeasy vibe is fabulous.  What's not to love about the smooth, crooning voice of Shirli McAllen through a big silver mic.  And her ruffles and red lips and pearls?  Hello!  Love the guys in the suspenders and pageboys, too.  And, well, in my ongoing quest for expression, balance, understanding, achievement, and inspiration, its yet another artwork that speaks to me.  Hope it does the same for you.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Smmidge Style - Furniture to Fashion

These Crate&Barrel ads are genius.  The Sartorialist meets Apartment Therapy.  Two of my favorite cyber obsessions.  So it got me thinking. . . here is a rug I really want from C&B - do I have something that will translate this furnishing (it's a rug - maybe not technically furniture, but it furnishes a room, right?  very important to comfortable room.  I know b/c my living room is lacking one currently.  I digress.) into fashion?

I wasn't sure. . . but here is my go at it. Minus the pop of color I needed (perhaps a scarf would have worked in a salmon, orange or turq) here is what I came up with:

My fave, army green pants from Anthro; a polka dot shirt from H&M, a groovy brown sweater from Anthro; and my chunky Steve Madden boots (a gift from Matt & Megan!) circa 2006 - LOVE them (both). 

It ain't a Crate&Barrel ad, Lord knows.  But hey, this week is all about unexpected inspiration and that works!  Oh - and check out the super groovy Rebecca from Girls Gone Child for some amazing-fun looks that inspire. Happy Friday.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Ideas in my Stuff

I'm so excited to be working towards our next showing at The Dallas Flea in December.  I've been working on some of the new Momofandango goods for the show and for next spring.  I spend TONS of time mining for ideas and inspiration on the web, in magzines, tv, movies, books, well, lots of places.  I think because I've always needed (and wanted!) to make the most of everything I have, it has made me more resourceful in using my own belongings - taking what I have and trying to make it new or conjuring an idea from looking around my house, in my closet, in old books I already own.  Typically I'm inspired by colors and shapes.  Not necessarily to be translated literally, but things that may take on a new form.  Do you do that?  I don't always read the exact words or care about the intent when searching for ideas, I see the shapes and colors and either it appeals to me or its just nothing.  Anyway. . .

Here is the latest idea board guiding me through several projects at the moment (think nursery design, blankets, baby and toddler garments, pillows, pins and headbands - oh my!).  Most of the inspiration is literally my own stuff (don't you just love [or hate] that word?) I have around my house - things I see everyday, but now in a new way.

  • a purse my Mom gave to me 10 years ago - its so chic! LOVE the velvet and fringe.
  • Doss's current obsession - matchbox cars (and cars in general)
  • my latest load of vintage fabrics
  • Dwell Magazine - of course!
  • Felt.  I swear.  Love this stuff.  and I am experimenting with making my own - more on that soon.
  • and the music corner in our house that includes that most amazing vintage Dylan poster, Ben's guitar, and my flute (guitar and flute - don't think they go?  well, have we got news for you!  jam sessions at our house are crrrrazy.)
Can't wait to share the new stuff (there it is again! My grandmother is rolling over in her grave), and in the meantime remember there can be new ideas and inspiration in so many everyday things if you just take a second look.  Do what you do.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Delightful Wiley Valentine

You know those instances when you just need to give a little thank you?  Share a little unexpected nice-nice with someone special?  Not a full-on gift, not a full-on event. . . just a little unique, sweet sentiment.  Well, the gals at Wiley Valentine (with an Ahhhh- MAZING blog, I might add) have the perfect thing - letter-press book marks.  They are from misprints from their equally extraordinary line of  "paper delights", so, not only are they one-of-a-kind they are of the eco-variety-kind.  LOVE it!  Check the bookmarks out for the special thank you plus all the other great stuff.  OH, and the name, Wiley Valentine - it is a mixture of their artistic grandmother's names.  Ahhh, the joy in finding kindred spirits. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Out on a. . . Branch

Boy do I love Branch Home.  Their product is unique.  Bee - utiful.  Quality with a capital Q.  I have given several gifts from this site, from felt rocks to ceramic bird houses.  And the wrapping is so rustic and groovy (think brown boxes and twine), right up my alley.

Check out the website for all the categories, but here are some of my favorites.  Heavy on the felt, of course, as I'm working on lots of felt pieces for December's Dallas Flea.  Heart felt!

 Felt garland - I do alot of decorating with felt during the holidays - so this is PERFECT in my book.
Felt rocks.  I mean, who doesn't need these?  I have given these as gifts, too, and it is a memorable sentiment.  Love it.

Peace.  Leaves.  Felt.  Perfection in a wreath.

Seriously, a big bunch of these amazing ceramic mason jar lamps above your dining table.  That would blow me away.

 Again, great and memorable gift.  I gave a version of this as well, and it is just a keeper. . . 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fringe and Headphones

The latest Lonny Magazine is super groovy.  These are just some of my favorite pieces featured throughout the issue.  A totally random sampling that just happens to remind me of one of my all-time favorite flicks - Almost Famous. . . oh!  Love it.  Best scene: on the bus singing Tiny Dancer.  Anyway - check out this groovy stuff - gold, suede, fringe and headphones.  Now that's good livin'...

Meteorite Pinata.  That's right.  Filled with confetti.  But in my head it's my next pendant light.

They may cost a small fortune, but the cool factor is off the charts.

Meteor Cheetah Vase - gold, rocks, and reflective surfaces.  What else can I say? 

West Elm suede fringe pillows.  Must. Have. (and they are on SALE).

Monday, November 8, 2010

One Magazine, One Skirt - 2 Outfits

Been loving working through the October issue of Elle Decor.  I keep every issue of just a few mags - Domino (RIP), Elle Decor and Dwell.  I refer to old issues all the time (nerd. alert. I. know.), and refer back to previous months and years for inspiration.  There is just something about turning those pages. . . again, back to paper, and having something tangible to flip and turn. . .I can't bear to tear them apart.  I need the full experience.    

While other kids were watching cartoons, on Saturdays of the late 80s and early 90s my family was watching Style with Elsa Klensch on CNN.  Nerd. Alert. Again. Si. (check out some clips here)  But Ms Elsa taught me that style and architecture and design are linked and you can (and should!) draw inspiration from each. . . and dude, it helps me to look at old clothes in a new way - you know?  I may not have the fashion of my dreams (Rachel Comey, Marc Jacobs, Elie Saab, DVF - ahhh, love you from afar) but life is all about making the most of things, right?  So optimistic of me!  I'm trying to bury my inner cynic.

So these pages of October Elle Decor helped me come up with a couple of ways to wear my absolute fave fave skirt right now, from the sale rack at JCrew.  Love those sales.  Check it out

This gold page really blew me away.  What would I give for that bamboo leaf bowl?  Wow.  But for now, it can just remind me of the cute gold jacquard skirt.  The golds, blues, blacks, and grays. . . here's what I came up with.  Take your inspiration where you will, and don't be afraid to mix it up!

Fave skirt - sale rack, JCrew; Plaid shirt - I Heart Ronson, JCP; Scarf - Forever 21; Black sweater - sample sale

Fave skirt again; Striped tee - Anthro; Denim Jacket - (old) Gap

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Tune: Ray Lamontagne - Old Before Your Time

I was introduced to Ray Lamontagne by my husband during the fall of 2004 - we sort of fell in love, and figured things out to the sounds of his first album Trouble.  The fall will always make me want to figure things out while listening to Ray.  I think this song speaks for itself (from his latest album God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise) and I can't adequately express how much this moves me.  He is brilliant.  Hope you enjoy it too.  Happy Fall Friday.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Its All About the Trees

So loving the work of Small Stump.  I mean look at this cupcake stand.  Hello?  A tree stump cupcake stand.  Love it.  And um, that plaster cupcake, well it is for sale too, but today for me its all about the trees.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Frazier and Wing for DwellStudio

Oh. My. Gosh.  I soooo heart Frazier and Wing.  She does such beautiful work with paper.  You know I love that.  I'm so inspired by her her color combinations and shapes.  And apparently the groovy peeps at Dwell Studio agree. . . this is their collaboration.  So cool.  Groove up your nursery with these fabulous garlands and mobiles.  Momofandango would go great with these too!

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