Friday, October 28, 2011

Delightful, Livable Hallways

image and source
Hallway inspiration - it's not that easy to come by.  As I searched for images of entries and hallways I really love - livable little spots that really tie homes together and make more out of difficult or forgotten transition spaces in a house I found there were not that many shots of my kind of hallway. . .informal, layered, livable. . . but these three little images I love and was so happy to come across.  They stood out in a sea of gilded, symmetrical formalness.  Oy.  Hope you like them too. . . And HAPPY Friday!!!
image and source
image and source

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little Boy's Halloween Costume

 Ok guys - Halloween is coming.  Last year was a big flop for me. . . we ended scrambling for the last available Target costume on THE 31st of October.  Hello?  The year before (his first Halloween) he was Einstein with a crafty wig and pocket protector and all - it was so cute!  So I was determined to get something made that we would have fun with.  Luckily, my uber creative momma (Dinks as she is now known) was able to provide some creative direction. . . this from the lady who whipped up handmade and amazing costumes every year for us growing up, of course (post worthy, fully hand cut paper amazingness. . . I can't even explain).  So a google search or two later I was off and running on our 1920s weightlifter - slicked hair, weight belt, hand cut felt (of course) shield, cardboard belt buckle and pencil thin mustache.  I LOVE it!  Now, it does play to Bugger's strengths - this is a big kid.  2 yrs old going on 3, and solid as a rock.  So we went with it.  Here's to a holiday all about expressing yourself (and your strengths!).  Happy early Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smmidge Style: Light Fall Layers

I really love this plaid top with the neck tie (especially when it is so rumpled) and it works so well layered with my fave shirt from last spring.  Both are super light weight, so put together, the were the perfect fit for an early fall day.  Paired with my army green pants a my maroon booties. . .  It was a comfortable day, cool day.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Entry Shelf Makeover

My sad little yellow shelf in my entry had been in need of a little makeover.  We are in the middle of painting our exterior trim grey (yay - more to come on that!), but in the meantime I've been on a re-do kick on all sorts of things on the inside. . . I just finished the entryway shelf and I think it works!  From (bad) yellow (what was I thinking?) to sleek grey, it pops and feels much more pulled together now.  And from works much more beautifully with the rest of the house particularly the living room (from which you can see the entry way - iddy biddy 50s house).  Here are the full results; maybe grey is in your future too. . .? 
My beloved collection of old Dominos - NOT in order obviously.
and other collections - from Dwell to Elle Decor.  

And one with Guthrie (as seen in the before!) to boot.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Color Burst

image and source
One of my favorite trends that seems to be sticking around is color. .. burst it or block it, it's chic chic chic.  Here are some of my favorite color bursts from art to photography, to fashion to furniture it brightens the mood and brings the fun.  Happy Tuesday!
image and source

image and source
Hello colored tights and bright shoes.
image and source
 Colorful slickers of course.
image and source
Rainbow cabinets are in my future.
image and source
Global Boho - my fave.
image and source
Color blocking.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Summer to Fall - Floral Dress

I love this little summer floral dress, and was determined to make it work going into fall - so. . . here you go. . .from light, summery accessories (including my polkadot wedding shoes - left) to a lightweight (but darker) jacket, scarf and dark shoes.  I think it worked out pretty well, so check the box on an additional dress for fall.  Winter, too, with some tights. Yay! So exciting when you can transfer things that work from one season to the next don't you think?!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Driving Music

I spent my commute home this evening listening to Dawes Time Spent in Los Angeles - and it made me so happy, hopeful, understood, pumped up.  I'm a music lover, yes, but no music critic by any stretch. . . but on a technical note, the base line of this song just makes me so happy. . . I can hear it just enough and in just the right moments and it makes me move and groove everytime.  Love it.  If you haven't started listening to the new album, Nothing is Wrong, you should.  Or better yet, Dallas friends, go see them at Club Dada this Thursday, Oct 13th.  I would be there, but alas the d-a-y-j-o-b takes me to Vegas (boo hiss).  I love Dawes and their lyrics never fail to hit some chord with me, my life, my past, my future, my present ("these days my friends don't seem to know me/without my suitcase in my hands. . . " is apropos).  I don't know how they do that but I hope it remains. . . it is good stuff.  

Monday, October 10, 2011

Vintage Truck Art

We were hitting some local festivals a couple of weekends ago and happily came across one of our favorite artists, Dolan Geiman at the Cottonword Arts Fest just north of Dallas.  His work is the ultimate in rootsy expression so we of course love it.  And he is a wonderfully approachable, nice guy which we found out when we met him while shopping his booth.  I was dying for this piece but alas, we left only with this little truck panel piece for Buggers - very happy though.  What little boy doesn't need this in his room?  Doss loves it and goes perfectly with his current truck obsession.  And you can bet I'll be back to DG for something bigger some day soon!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Spotted iv

image and source
obsessed with socks and heels.  what do you think?

image and source
seriously - DIY ikat nails. LOVE.

image and source
Dude, if I had bird legs and my oversized aztec jacket from 1994 I would totes rock this look.  yes? no? :)

image and source
Happy hallway with green flours and crisp white walls.  a fab mix.

Happy Friday guys!  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Destination: Saint Jo

I read about Ancient Ovens on Style Swoon recently and had to share. I haven't been but am dying to go now. . . it looks like a little piece of heaven, and with the gorgeous weather we are {finally} experiencing it would be perfection.  Food, music, fresh air, open spaces.  No doubt a place to remember and savor what matters in life.  Simple delights.  Saint Jo, here we come (if seats are available - fingers crossed).

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mid 30s Crisis Song

Yo fellow 35 yr olds in panic mode. Yes, this is your mid-30s crisis, and apparently it's real.  See here.  And here.  Oh and here's a book.  But mostly, just listen.  You, too, will love this Belle Brigade song, Losers. (Not that this bro/sis duo from LA are in crisis - they are but kids living their dreams.  a-holes, er, winners?) It's actually the most heartening thing if you really listen.  I think it's saying forget what you think you should do or be, or where you thought you would be, and perhaps any of that pesky "wasted time".   Be who/what you are. . . where you are.  Occupy your space.  Do it well.  And forget the rest.  Keep moving.  Maybe this is why the mid-30s crisis is real and resonating. . . my priorities are profoundly changing maybe for the first time in my life . . . and I'm more aware of what I want and where I want to be, but also more aware of certain risks than ever before, too, and truly how fast time flies. Oy.  Losers unite. 

Graffiti, Sidewalk Sofa & the Double Wide

Ben was driving by the Double Wide - that good ol' bar we used to love to go to when we were living in Deep Ellum. . . ahh the good ol' days.  Anyway, living up to it's name, there was a graffiti artist doing and installation and a trashed out sofa on the sidewalk.  Oh, and spray-painted, hand-written, less-than-official "tow zone/no parking" designations.  Perfection.  This gives me hope.  

Monday, October 3, 2011

One Vintage Tie, Two Outfits

Ben and I were married 5 yrs last June, and this summer I wore my wedding shoes a couple of times as a mini celebration of that wonderful day (another day I'll show you those polka dot numbers. love).  When we married, Ben's gift to his groomsmen were vintage ties.  Ben wore this super groovy orange tie, and I have always loved it. . . I recently drug it out too, in need of inspiration and my own way to spice up a couple of outfits.  One with a navy blazer for work, and one with a party dress I wore to a special friend's baby shower.  It added a little personal touch to each that made me feel a bit sassier on both days, which I've been searching for over the last few weeks.  I was in a massive rut, and this tie totally made me feel better.  Oh, and my navy blue toenail polish helped too.  You can do the same - your favorite shirt, or shoes or scarf or earrings - pair with something you wouldn't have before, or use in a new way for a bit of spunk.  Here's to a spunky week!  
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