Thursday, May 31, 2012

For Foy - You Remain by Willie Nelson

My brother, Foy, had gusto.  He loved music, and he had an unforgettable, infectious laugh.  He was witty, sometimes cantankerous, and above all, he loved his family with all his heart.  Foy died on this day 8 years ago. 8 years. . . seems impossible.  I remember each moment of that day in excruciating detail, and as painful as that is I'm oddly glad for it.  So many details fade with time, so any bits about him that I can hang onto (happy or sad), I do.   He was only 38 on May 31st 2004.  Thirty eight. . . not enough time, but enough to know we would be better if he were still here and that no matter how much time passes, we miss him.  

My parents faithfully put a small memorial in the paper every year on the anniversary of his death.  Something beautiful that reminds us all of his life.  I love that. . . on the date of his death we remember his life.  This year it will be from a song he and mom listened to often from a favorite Willie Nelson album, The Great Divide. "You Remain".  Yes you do, Foy.  Yes you do.  xx - m.m.

You Remain
Willie Nelson

What do you do with the sands of time
When they carve out lines around your eyes
I can close my fists up good and tight
But I can't hold back the sands of time

What do you do with a memory
That just hangs around and stares at me
I can tear that frame down off the wall
But it won't erase the things I saw

Night and day
Night and day
You remain
You remain

What do you do with old regrets
There's a box full underneath the bed
Just close enough not to forget
But do what do you do with old regrets

There's old house key in a kitchen drawer
To the door I can't unlock no more
Sometimes I hold that key real tight
But what do you do after goodbye

Night and day
Night and day
You remain
You remain

Night and day
Night and day
You remain
You remain

Friday, May 25, 2012

Muy Bien, Bolsa Mercado

As we face an actual move for the first time in over 5 years, it is time to really dig into our potential new neighborhood, North Oak Cliff.  We are super excited, as for years the area has drawn us south into it's hills and trees and ecclectic mix of people and places.  We have always loved a wonderful restaurant called Bolsa, and when the Bolsa Mercado, an old school grocery/deli/coffee bar/gathering place opened we were so amazed and excited.  People often say that Oak Cliff and Bishop Arts are like a little town attached to a big city, and Bolsa Mercado is a real and true manifestation of that notion.  It's beyond cool.  And it's the sort of thing that is so modern and nostalgic all at once.  Who can resist that?  Check it out the next time you are in the hood.  You won't be disappointed.  Here is another rave review from D Home... Happy holiday weekend! xx - m.m.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birthday (and other) Treats

I mean seriously.  a handmade garland and paper poof.  My girl knows what I love.
I love my birthday!  I really do.  And even though I'm in the last stretch of what I'm calling "mid-thirties" (my co-workers confirmed that 36 is still mid, but next year it's full-on late), I don't mind because who doesn't love banners, paper poofs, cards, cake and presents?  It makes me appreciate that and so much more. So here are few of my fave treats on this, my 36th birthday plus just a few little random things that make me happy everyday.  Hope you have a fab day!  xx - m.m.
An awesome card.  Inside it said "with the right heels and some junk in the trunk you've got a ticket to ride" - LOVE it.

Random love for the Gap pantone display wall.
THE best card from my good friend Ann Marie.  And the card company j-dig cards. is the best.  Love my peeps at j-dig.
An awesome gift sent to me by my sister-in-law and friend bolder the better - she sends the best gifts and always includes decoration by my niece and my fave part - how she writes on the outside of the envelope.

My new neon watch from sis-in-law and my birthday outfit - bird culotts.

I love my salt lamp given to me by my boss who is a dear friend.  The ions keep me sane at work.
We all love Target, but their new shopping carts make me SO happy.  They drive so smooth and easy.  It's amazing.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Disco and Donna

I am a baby of the 70s so I feel connected to Disco music (and as a little girl I longed for my name to be Donna).  It makes you dance, and I love to dance.  The Queen of Disco, Donna Summer's music always makes you dance.  Who hasn't rocked out to "Last Dance" at a wedding or a wine-filled evening with friends?  If you are around my age, you definitely have. I also remember absolutely loving the 1983 hit  "She works hard for the money" in real timeAnd still do.  Donna Summer's music definitely made an impact on my generation and her music lives on. . .a life with impact - every artist's hope. RIP Donna Summer.  We'll see you on the dance floor.  xx - m.m.

See Donna Summer playlist on RollingStone and also a great piece on her life from the LA Times

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Herb Garden Happiness

growing basil - tips at BHG
My Mother-in-law has a green thumb.  The woman can grow anything. . . and does.  Even on the arid Oklahoma plains, she knows just what to plant and how to grow it.  You can see the joy she gets from gardening when she walks around highlighting what's just come up from seed, or buds that are about to bloom.  I love to take her garden tours and I long to devote some time to growing things, as well.  Often times, while on our garden tour,  she clips something for me and whips it up into a pot or a jar for me to take home and this is my very favorite moment - at this point, I'm in the club. And everyone likes that.  

On my last trip, as we were smelling herbs, she whipped through and poof! presented me with a basil plant from her clippings.  I love love love fresh herbs.  My "new" basil plant makes me want to start a real garden, though for me it probably means simple, small, in-doors (see last picture below).  Whatever type of garden you prefer (or can handle), from simple to quirky to over-the-top, I say just do it.  The act of planting, growing and using the herbs (or other vegetation, if you are more ambitious) from your own garden is well. . . sublime.  My Dad, too, is a good grower of things as he grew up on a farm and ranch learning to cultivate crops.  It's in my blood.  But hasn't always taken hold.  I can keep some things alive, but alas, my previous herb garden didn't last (though I loved it so).  See here.   Now here's hoping my thumb turns green.  xx - m.m.

For even more garden (herbs and more) inspiration, listen to this story on Thomas Jefferson's garden at Monticello.  Wow! 
creative via 
lovely in a Martha kind of way via shelterness
not gonna happen but love it.
quirky via Stephanie Lynn
Resourceful and totally my style via Real Simple

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blogger Profile: Erin of Little e

Hey guys!  We're back with another profile this week, and I'm so so so excited about it.  Little e is truly a favorite blog of mine and it represents what I love about blogging and bloggers - fearlessly sharing ideas, style, life. Erin  writes how I imagine she talks - like a creative, stylish, energetic, quirky, happy gal. Yay!  Reading Little e totally makes me feel like I know her and that we would be such good friends IRL (cyber stalker, yep).  But really.  We so would. And that is the sign of a good blog.  Anyway, it was such a treat to get to know her a little better from afar through our profile q & a.  Oh and don't expect the same ol' answers with Erin.  I found myself googling music and adding new blogs to my reading list...which I haven't done in a while. I LOVE to be surprised and delighted.  Thanks to Erin for that!  Enjoy.  xx - m.m.
[smmidge] Describe your blogging style.
[Little e] My blogging style is a little ADD and all over the place. I have interests in many different things and I think my blog reflects that.
[smmidge] How cute is she?
[smmidge] Tell us about your personal style, and favorite pieces from your wardrobe and home that reflect your style. 
[Little e] My personal Style is a little eclectic always with a punch of color and a little mid century flair. My vintage grey dress with pink embroidery is my favorite wardrobe item. 

My favorite item at home is the rug in my living room. It has my fave colors and adds the perfect punch of color to the room. 

[smmidge] What keeps you inspired both on the blog and in life? 
[Little e] Traveling, keeping it different, and always being open to change. I travel a lot for work and play and that influences the way I see the world tremendously. Last November 2011- January 2012, I was in China- Las Vegas- London- Atlanta and a few places in between. The food, fashion, architecture and culture of different places always inspires me. 
from Erin's travels to China
[smmidge] What are your 3 favorite songs to listen to while blogging?
[Little e]

[smmidge] What was the last book you read and loved. 
[Little e] The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

[smmidge] What are your top three must-read blogs?
[Little e]
Thanks again to Erin from Little e!  Awesome answers and resources.  Have a great week! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Facing Fears (and other things to cry about)

Doss LOVES fire engines. Plays with them all the time and talks about them as we pass them on the road. But somewhere along the way, he became bit afraid of the sirens and quite concerned (from afar) about anyone who might have an emergency and need a fireman's help. This didn't change his love for them in books or toys but the fear is there.

Over the weekend, our family (specifically a very well connected aunt and uncle), arranged for Doss and his cousins to visit the new fire station in Ben's hometown.  The boys were so excited and talked about it the night before and all morning before the visit.  But once we arrived, my little one lost it.  Big tears, crying, "I want to go back out to the car!" "Let's go outside!" (away from the fire engines, and firemen).  What in the world to do as a parent?  I hate to see anyone feel uneasy, much less my child who is clearly anxious and feeling some level of fear.  But I also know that everything is ok, there is no danger, and that in the end he is going to want something to hold onto from the visit.  So we stayed through the tears for a little while (see picture above) and then took a little step back from the group and just watched for a moment. . . then all on his own, he decided to go back inside and wear a fire hat, and talk with the firemen.  And guess what?  A very happy boy talked all the way home about the fire station, fire engines and nice firemen.

The moment has really stuck with me.  It's that interesting moment that parents have when you must nudge a child in a certain direction, or help them face a fear even with tears and trembles.  It's important.  Fear facing may forever induce tears (I can relate), but getting to the other side with memories (either way you go) well, that's all we have. Doing something you love even if you are scared to death.  Stepping out of your comfort zone even if only to go right back to home.  Facing our fears and moving forward even if we cry.  It's an important moment . . . for us all.  xx - m.m.

Other reasons to cry (besides facing fear):
  • falling down and bonking your head.
  • breaking your favorite fire engine toy.
  • forgetting your to-go coffee on the kitchen counter (oops, that one is for me).
  • realizing it's the last book before "lights out"

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Mother's Message

My Mother gave this book when I was 21 yrs old, "Did I Tell You" by Elizabeth Knapp. It's the sweetest paper bound book with delicate, floral illustrations and simple poignant messages that all Mother's hope to convey to their children along the way. Here are just a few of the lovely bits from the book.  Thank you, Mother, as you certainly did thread these lessons through our world. Sometimes we listened and sometimes we didn't, but it was always there. And I'm still learning everyday from these lessons, maybe more than ever. And I'm more thankful for your effort and love than anyone could know. Happy Mothers Day to all Moms out there making it happen with passion and grace and often sheer grit. Xx-m.m.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I love an arm party.

It's the little things, right? You know those days when things just aren't quite right. But we keep plugging away... And it's for the best. And whether it's a stack of random bracelets, or a coffee, or a hug, it's the little things that help keep us moving through the big things. Hope you have an arm party today, too. Xx-m.m.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I want to go to there.

mexico adventures from Bri Emery on Vimeo.
cabo san lucas 2012

song: brenton wood - oogum boogum

Came across this lovely little video on DesignLoveFest.  Isn't it beautiful?  Don't we all need some Mexico [may-hee-ko] about now?  As Doss says, this "muchacho de la casa" needs some fiesta y siesta!  xx - m.m.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Instagram-able 8

The best thing about these instagram recaps is that now, after 8 of these boogers, I really do know that there is never going to be any real reprieve from craziness.  You can't move forward until you acknowledge reality, right?  Well I'm here, crazy, I'm here.  I accept you and maybe I am you.  Ok, now onward.  Here are the things that made my instagram recently including, above, tacos on the street, sweet Doss, orange jeans and a bowl returned home.  Is there anything better than a post-it in a bowl with your name on it?
We took in an Earth Day concert with Doss - our fave, Amos Lee.  It was a good way to spend an afternoon.  The boys looked cute as always.  I'm into apples and clocks. . . on necklaces.  And during an unusually bad day at work, a friend shared this really awesome quote that made me laugh.  "when I get sad, I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead.  TRUE STORY."
I love a day when someone says, "Wow, you really don't match at all."  Score one, Magill, with green jeans and a purple and blue tunic.  I've been breaking in my super simple navy Toms and it doesn't get any better.  The boys again. . . So cute.  And, on yet another trying day, a little hand made everything right and ok.  Ok.  
I brought home a Jo's Coffee coffee cup from our recent jaunt to Austin and it makes me so happy every time I get to drink life's elixir from it.  A dear friend gave me two buttons that she said reminded her of me.  I thought "mama bear" and "starving artist" were both real compliments.  We get to take the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge to pick up Doss from school and it's a delight, designed by Calatrava.  A pleated skirt and colorful stripes make me feel pretty.  So there you have it.  The last few weeks minus the gory details.  Hope you have had a wonderful few too.  xx - m.m.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Tune about Love: Oh Mama

This song will bring tears to your eyes, I have no doubt.  Sometimes a good cry is all you need.  And a song all about love, unconditional love, will reach your soul.  From missing your mama, to true friends who blow you away with generosity and support, to mates in life who see you through the good times and the bad - it's all about love.  Here's to you all from a once true romantic turned true true cynic - it ain't nothing without love.  All the rest is just distraction.  Take a listen here to the lovely Aoife O'Donovan and hope you have a fabulous weekend filled with gratitude and love.  xx - m.m.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spotted [vi]: Studs

This post requires little explanation except that I love studs.  And yes, you can quote me on that. Happy Wednesday. xx - m.m.

via the Nailasaurus
via Free People
via Zappos

via Hello Beautiful
via Society6
Via Piperlime
via Cupcakes and Cashmere

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