Friday, July 29, 2011

Smmidge Style: August Aztec Inspiration

Oh August, hot hot August. . . Do you need a little zip in August?  Me. Too.  I've mentioned I've felt totally flat in fashion this summer.  Maybe it's being strapped to a cubicle that is mauve 50hrs/week. . . or on the opposite end, traveling every weekend for that same d-a-y-j-o-b (but seriously, can you believe July is over? Scary. Just plain scary.) but one way or the other I'm just freaking out that I've lost any sense of personal style. . . do you ever feel that way?  Like "who the hell am I?" followed directly by "am I too old to wear this?" or "does this look too effing old?  I'm not old!".  So confused.  But recently I have felt some slight inspiration by the Aztec inspired prints going on - and if used sparingly will go right into autumn groov-alish.  And I love blacks and grays and oranges with pops of turquoise, don't you?  Ok, ok, maybe we're getting somewhere.  It is still summer, still shorts and sandals (and for a long time to come here in Tejas) but a tiny twinge of transition peeks out . . .and look at us now - straight August Aztec bad-ass.  Hope you have a terrif weekend - I'm off to NYC and expect to come back full of new inspiration!  Stay tuned and stay cool.
Oh August

All Saints screen print shirt, $55
Corduroy shorts, €270
Jeffrey Campbell wooden shoes, $135
Antik Batik cuffs jewelry, $95
Earrings, £20

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dinner (Outstanding) In the Field

Outstanding in the Field Beach Dinner from Outstanding in the Field on Vimeo.

Outstanding in the Field. . . I have no words.  If you don't know about them, go find out more about them, and about their amazing dinners that celebrate Farms and Farmers. . . food, people, life, on their blog here.  I hope to go to a dinner one day soon. . . oh the experience it must be.  In my d-a-y-j-o-b I get to obsess about events and video production (not this romantic, usually, but the same in many ways) thus the art of the event itself captured in these insanely beautiful videos I find really inspiring, as well.  I obviously consume mucho digital content, so it's always wonderfully exciting to find pieces that really transport you. . . even for a moment.  Here's to a slow dinner in the field s.o.o.n.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Obsessed: Egg Collective

So I came across Egg Collective and couldn't resist at clickathon purely based on the name. . . what was this Egg Collective all about (my inner voice)?  I found amazing design.  Particularly love the stump project seen here.  It's a nice project by project approach so limited edition stuff, no dups, hand made, local artisans. . . love it, though I'm sure not easy when you come up with these designs which no doubt generate buzzing buyers, but alas better for all.

Check out this Design Sponge Sneak Peak of Egg Collective founder Hillary Petrie's abode in New Orleans.  Lovely.

*image from Egg Collective

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Out and About: Water Gardens

I had to go to Fort Worth this week for a sponsorship (I lived in Fort Worth for 5 years and have a real soft spot for that town) and was so happy to have to park right by the magnificent Fort Worth Water Gardens, designed by renowned Architect, Phillip Johnson.  If you are ever in "the Fort", you should go here.  It is a magical place in the shadow of downtown. . . the lines, textures, shadows, spaces are so serene.  I particularly found solace in the Quiet Pool space. . . lined by trees and water covered walls it was exponentially cooler (than the 103 degree temp) inside that space and I was transported.  I believe accessible design matters. . . design. matters.  This design moved me, among others passing through.  Love it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Random Reasons I'm Missing Big D

I mean, not a bad skyline, eh?
Can't wait to get home from the first of a string of work trips to see the boys and the town even if just for a few days!  Off to NYC next week, but won't be away quite so long.  Lots to update you on this week and next!  Have a fabulous weekend!  
The Carousel at the Zoo - look at those colors!
The skyline from White Rock Lake (and the ducks too)

The chairs and other treasures at local thrifts.

Hangin' with Buggers (at the Zoo and anywhere else)
Watching Bugs hang with Hubs.  Oh the joy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh-So-Fave Vintage Glasses

 You know by now that I'm always in love with things that evoke moments and places in time. . .  But after finishing Rohen's nursery which is all about past/present/future, etc, I'm even more inspired by these things.  I found these glasses and thrift store recently and am so in love with them - all different colors, representing different places and times gone by.  So groovy with that unique mid century-ish nostalgia and hope and simplicity.  They will look great at a dinner party as vases or as, well, glasses. . . adding a touch of the past and a little whimsy.  You can find them at all kinds of flea markets and thrift stores, and they are such treasures. . . I hope to continue with this collection - you should too!  

I'm out of town now for the #dayjob - so bear with the random posts. . . in Ocean City MD, enjoying the seafood but already homesick for the boys.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Are Here: Rohen's Nursery Design

a vintage school map with a construction paper message for Rohen: You are here.
I just finished baby Rohen's nursery and it was truly one of the most fun and fulfilling projects I've worked on.  My dear friends asked for my help in putting their nursery together a few months ago, with one twist - they weren't going to find out the sex of the baby.  Hmmmm - how to pull off designing a nursery when you don't know the sex of the baby?  Well, in three words: I found out.  My friends had their doctor write the sex of the baby on a card and seal it in an envelope, which they delivered directly to me.  And I was off and running on a baby boy's room.  Now, it would still be extremely difficult to go through approvals in a process like this - if approvals were necessary.  But somehow, I landed friends who trust me (yay!) - so for the last 5 months, they have not known one tiny detail (can you imagine?!?) and furthermore they never even flinched, not once.  I never received a frantic freak out call begging me for details. . . well, Brandon might have text once or twice but only to try to get a hint on the sex. . . never the nursery details.  Amazing.

They did supply me with two amazing things that were the initial inspiration for this baby boy's nursery - my friend Risa had a couple of twenty year old collections: bouncy balls and key chains. SO. Groovy.  And right in my comfort zone as they aren't really about the sex of the baby, they are just cool and perfect for any baby's room.  That's sort of my mode for these rooms. The colors, shapes, spheres, places and time captured in those two collections led me to a map which led me to colorful fabrics which informed the whole room.   

You Are Here, Rohen - here in the world, here in Dallas TX, here in your room with your lovely, amazing parents - You. Are. Here.  And a lucky, loved little guy you are.   Thanks to the Phearse's for letting me be a part of this journey.  

The bouncy ball lamp is my favorite thing in the room.
Traditional mobile - nah!  Instead I strung globe stress balls and colorful twine wrapped balls to the ceiling for a color and thematic connection.  I love how the big clump drops right into the room and works perfectly with the vintage map.
I made the yarn pompoms myself to top off the cream panels.
(Bad shot here, sorry) Risa had the crib and furniture already so no stress in picking the wrong thing there!
Bouncy balls and key chains fit perfectly into these canisters and will soon be bookends.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Best View of Big D

We love to go to White Rock Lake on weekends to regroup.  It often involves TCBY yogurt cups and sitting in the grass, walking by the water, etc.  We always stop by the old Bath House because on a clear day you get this view of downtown Dallas.  It's beautiful.  It helps.  It's one of the few things in this city that makes us feel like time slows down a bit.  Simple things. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Obsessed with the TCBY Truck

Seriously - how rad is this old thing? I. Love. It.  I would drive this thing any day.  And I love the new tcby logo. . . and mostly, the frozen yogurt.  

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smmidge Style: Hot Summer Rut Uniform

 I have had some questions about the lack of Smmidge Style posts lately, and my stock answer is "I'm in a hot summer rut!".  I have been really struggling to find anything to wear that is appropriate (what is appropriate in degrees?), comfortable and cool (literally).  I am actually wearing denim capris and plain tees to work most of the time, and when I'm not in that uniform, I'm in this one (you saw this previously in my Chronic Bitchface post).  I found this cute little denim dress with sequin accents at Fossil and have been wearing it what seems like every other day - from groceries, to dinner out to work.  Appropriate or not, I don't care because it is simple, easy and cool and the neck line makes me feel pulled together even without doing anything else.  Taming this mop in the humid heat of Dallas is a whole 'nother post, but generally I'm pushing it out of my face and off my neck with a scarf headband such as this.  Hope you are staying cool and fresh literally and style-wise - let me know how you do it, too!  I love to see your ideas. 

Buggers in his summer uni - shorts and no shirt.  Nice. It's a sad state of affairs around here!

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