Monday, January 31, 2011

Feb Giveaway 1: Be a Superhero! Cape

Hey y'all!  Welcome to the first of four Smmidge giveaways for February (I know I know, it's technically the 31st, but c'mon - we're going with Feb). 

Everybody's a superhero sometimes!  And every kid should have a cape specially made for them. See rules below for the chance to win cape just for your pint sized superhero - and an added bonus for local Big D'ers.

This is the cape I made little Buggers and we wear it for everything from playing cars to washing dishes!  

When not giving Buggers super powers, the cape hangs in his room with his other instruments.  So cute!
Everyone's a winner here - find out more about how to make a cape and what inspired me,
after the jump.  

Otherwise here are the rules to win a Smmidge customized cape - perfect for boys and girls!  Big D dwellers - if you win the cape, you win a bonus Superhero Photo Session with Jenny Watts Photography.

Fill in the blanks, and we'll fill your mailbox with a Smmidge handmade cape!  

  • eligibility: open to ALL Smmidge readers
  • what to do: leave a comment on the giveaway post filling in these blanks: my favorite super hero is ______  because _______.
  • extra credit: if you are (or become) a follower of Smmidge blog, Smmidge Facebook, or @Smmidge Twitter you receive an extra entry each!  So come on!
  • entry deadline: comments will close 48 hours after initial post time
  • winner selection: winners will be chosen at random
  • winner notification: On mornings following giveaway closing, I'll announce the winner (Superhero Cape winner will be announced Thursday Feb 4th)
  • claiming your prize: send me an email at with your mailing address AND the initial of your superhero and I'll pop your prize in the mail! Winners must respond within three (3) days of notification or forfeit the prize. alternate winner will be selected in this instance.
  • photo session: if you live in the Dallas area and are a winner, you receive a bonus free photo session with cape, (session only/Dallas TX) with Jenny Watts Photography.  must be redeemed within 6 months of winning.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Style&Sounds: Maritime Wanderlust

When February comes close I start getting the itch for Springtime.  I start having daydreams of sailboats, beachfronts, and cocktails in a flopsy straw hat.  No. . . I don't really sail. . . and no, I don't spend time in Nantucket, really. . . though I would love to, of course!  But I can dress in searsucker, have a cocktail and play some tunes that tweak my wanderlust.  

Here's how I envision it: Calypso dress; funky espedrilles ; lovely wind scarf (anthro of course);
seaglass ring (how gorgeous!); and blaring Windows are Rolled Down by Amos Lee - from his new album Mission Bell. Great video of the tune below.

It seems so, sort of grown up, this day-dream style. . . that's ok I suppose. . . it happens, right?

Oh!  And come back next week for the beginning of sweet Feb give-aways for kiddos and parties!  Here's to sunshiny days (to come)!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inspired by Aspiring Types

One of my fave blogs and current cyber-obsession, Uncle Beefy, posted this amazing, inspirational, behind-the-scenes video about another favorite blog, The Sartorialist.  That is some super blog love. 

Uncle Beefy referred to this video as inspiration for . . . "aspiring types".  I love that term and it struck a chord with me.  For me, it just means you like to be inspired by people doing what they love, making beautiful things, helping others, sharing stories, and that you aspire to be better all the time.  Here's to inspiration and aspiration!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Simple Delights: Sidewalk Sprints

We recently visited the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  It is a wonderful museum which houses the Fort Worth Children's Museum and is a fantastic outing.  Doss loved the dinosaurs, the toy trains, the ambulance with buttons and a steering wheel (his fave) and the trolley. . .
But mostly, he loved running wind-sprints on the sidewalks outside the museum

This child loves to run.  I think he feels free when he runs, and his face expresses such delight when he's bookin' it like that. 

And oddly, it made time slow down for just a bit for us, while we stood by and watched the little dude run and laugh.   

And I guess that is really what it is about.  The moments when time slows while you watch your child taste freedom and happiness out of something so simple. . . hoping he knows the feelings well and often. . . here's to simple delights.

When not watching this little guy - we are working diligently on new Smmidge Studio designs, upcoming blog give-aways and updates on the shop, website, and all kinds of fun new 2011 happenings!  Stat tuned!  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Words of Art

Found at fffound - images of words to live by created by Isaac Salazar.  Read. Dream. Create.  My motto for today.  Here's to Tuesday... and folded paper art expressions.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Mood Pile

Here's what is getting me (or keeping me, as the case may be) going this week - inspiration boards? Ha!  Not here - only time for mood, uh, piles.  Mood piles.  Yes.  And they can help gather your thoughts,  make you see what you have in a new way, or provide direction for style and your mood, too.  Atleast in my world. This week  - Cardis, books, bracelets, catalogs, and socks.

First off - books:

Bohemian Manifesto was a circa 2005 snag from Anthropologie.  Ben and I used to read it as we dreamed of what might come for our lives. . . it has things like "Boho Names", and style guides with illustrations.  Seriously - see below for your next audition, I mean, interview.  I love it.  And it makes me remember that it's not always about things that make sense.

The Sartorialist - a book version of the incomparable blog.  My friend had it autographed for me.  I love it and look at it all the time for inspiration.

Now to cardigans and accessories:

Those are Ben's black, chunky socks and yes.  I love them.  And am wearing them sticking out of my booties with my jeans tucked in.  Makes me want the J Crew camp socks.  

Loving tons of bracelets all layered up.  I am loving the solid color frocks in the stores right now, and it all looks so cute with layered jewelry.  These were gifts from my Mom and my Mother-in-law.  And the silver and gold one all about May - my birth month.  Love that. 

Wearing the dog out of this Farrah B. Texas necklace from Gypsy Wagon.  They have tons of good options there - such a cute store.  And cardis from everywhere, Fossil, J Crew, Target, and H & M.  They are so cute over solid and plaid woven shirts.  Warm too.

I found this groovy belt at Target several years ago, and I love how it looks like a 70's guitar strap.  I wear it over sweaters and cardis alot for a little texture.  And what can I say.  The current Anthro catalog is more than I can handle.  The styling for the home goods is beyond.  The station wagon and airstream are so dreamy.  

Here's to good moods this Monday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project: Postcards from the Past

I love history.  Particularly lineage.  My familial past is so important to me.  When we were working on Doss's nursery before he was born,  the husband brought this postcard home knowing my feeling on this - it says, "Don't forget your past, it's all around you.".  I love that sentiment, and think it is something to live by.  Memories keep those that came before us, or those we have lost alive in our modern lives, and help to inform our choices, and even style, hobbies, books.  It's nice and keeps us rooted and connected to our upbringing.  I wondered how I could use lovely postcard and it's message to surround Doss with his family, past and present, from the moment he was born.    

I decided to ask our families for baby or childhood photos to use to surround the postcard.  I scanned and printed them to fit into these plain glass frames from IKEA so that the message and the images keep the focus.  I hung above what was, at the time, the changing table.  

The collage still hangs on the wall, and Doss loves to talk about everyone in the images, those he knows and those he'll only know through pictures and stories.  To me it's still not complete (I want and need to add so many more pictures - it's missing several important ones!), and maybe it never will be. . . there are many, many more stories to tell and memories of loved ones to connect with and respect.  That's what I love about it.  It's ever-changing and a commentary on love and life in that way.

Lovely folks shown here include, Aunt Megan, cousin Lola, Papa Ken, Uncle Wes and Uncle Matt, Mamy, Uncle Foy, Dado, Pop Pop, Baba and Dooley.  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wake Up

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up every morning with this greeting?  Hello day!  I love it.  And I love this print by Dowdy Studio.  Dowdy is one of the hottest screenprinting studios in Big D - we met him (Dylan, who works with his wife Pamela) once at the Urban Street Bazaar, and what cool, nice dude. Oh, is dude one too many "d's" for this? Anyway. . . they also make amazing, weird, beautiful tees for guys - you know, guys who are cool with their inner "Mer Jack" or "Handle Bar Pogo Stick Man" selves.  So wake up and check 'em out.  What's that?  Need a caffeine punch in the a.m. to really feel the love?  Ok - I [love] you a Latte.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Style&Sounds: EM Moto Jacket

The Friday Tune series is evolving - hope you like!   

Y'all know I'm utterly obsessed with Emersonmade.  Remember Flora for Fall?  That post was the beginning of my outward expression of unveiled love for this brand, this girl, her story - I mean, I'm a sucker for a sister (and a brother for that matter) who'll wear necktie and a flower pin.  Genius.  

This spring, the EM Clothing line is expanding and, yes, I'm obsessed. I need this Petit Moto Jacket like I need the air to breathe.   I'm serious!  Ok.  Maybe not to literally in order to breathe - but to express myself!  To feel cute, and have a well-rounded look!  Yes.  I NEED it.

Yes, that shirt says: Boom Shisk Boom.  Yes, that is a bass drummer on the tee.  Yes I must have the tee.  But I'm trying to stay focused!
And once I own this Petit Moto jacket (my lips to God's ears, right?), I need to ride a Vespa on a curvy road with the vintage-y, rocker-shuffle sounds of Monsters of Folk Say Please as the music to the scene (to life!).  If you like this jacket, you will like this music (video here).  Groovy weekend all!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's Get Cookin'

If this were a true "good cooking, good eating" post, I'd have some lovely photos of the recipes I have whipped up from the the divine cookbooks I received for Christmas. . . I don't have those photos because, although we have cooked meals since Christmas, none of them are beautiful and none are from these awesome books.  It takes me awhile to adopt new things to eat on a tight evening timeframe and well, particularly before I have actually read the new recipes.  But alas, these are good cookbooks because the lovely folks who gave them to me have cooked from them and love their stuff, and they know we strive to eat good food, fail as we may.  These are cooks that know good cooking, good recipes, good food.  My Mom and my sister-in-law, Karen.  So there.  Go forth.  Check 'em out, try some things. . . and anyway, they have great covers (my fave), and good stories inside in addition to the magic cookery.  Maybe one of these days I'll have a Fave Recipe Recap (all caps for, eh, blog-post-speak).  In the meantime, you'll just have to take my word for it. . . or well, Mom's and Karen's.  Trust us.
As my Mom inscribed, "If it's not in here it's not worth cooking"  The Essential New York Times Cookbook.
Good, simple food for complicated lives - yes!  Double Delicious from Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld.
From the amazing blog of the same name comes The Pioneer Woman Cooks - a gift from my SIL, Karen who is a fabulous cook herself.  The stories are truly great - and we all have a soft-spot for Oklahomans making it happen.
Great food and togetherness here - LOVE Lucinda.
Oh, and this teapot was a gift from my friend Kara.  Isn't it cute? Soooo wonderful.  What a thoughtful gift.  Who wouldn't need a spot of tea after all that eating!?  And water from an ombre kettle?  Hello fabulous.  
Happy almost-the-end-o'-the-week, yall!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Smmidge Style: On Location

Fun with pom poms.
I've mentioned my very talented photographer friend, Jenny Watts (yes, that Jenny. The same gal who designed my Christmas cards) several times on the blog.  She is an old college friend, in fact she was one of the first people I met at school.  We were neighbors in our freshman dormitory, Chitwood.  (We were. . . well, Chitwood bitches, as Tech students say.  Nice.  So untrue, especially where JW is concerned! But I digress.)  Jenny is one of those people you meet and hardly remember getting to know. . .  you just immediately know her.  She has an ease about her that makes you so comfortable, as her now faithful clients (children and families) know so well, and keep coming back to.

So, last year Jenny and I decided to collaborate: Jenny as photog; me as stylist.  We wanted to play around with looks and locations. . . adding a twist, and sometimes a narrative, to her typical (beautiful) images, in the vein of a magazine shoot (but without the stress and pressure).  We found some great kids that are into photo shoots and light modeling (taking direction, dealing with location changes, outfit changes, etc).  It was so fun, and pretty hard work too.  We lucked into some loverly kiddos, as you see in these pics, and are excited to do some more of these shoots this year.  It can take so many forms from really simple, to big ol' productions.  It will be fun to see what comes of an upcoming brainstorm with Jenny, and I'll be updating you soon.  In the meantime check out her blog for all her latest and greatest work.  

All images courtesy of Jenny Watts Photography.  Styling by Smmidge (Molly Magill).  More after the break!  

Pearls on a train car.

Hangin' on the trolley.

Gypsy girls.  
Broke down.
Dreamy picnic.
Musical genius.
Like my scarf?
Field of dreams.

Monday, January 10, 2011

From Here to There: E-Designing

First pass: after gathering some basic information from client, I pick some possibilities to see if we are in the same head space, and build from there.  My Philosophy: nurseries and baby design don't have to scream "baby".  Unexpected prints are my fave.
I have mentioned in some past posts that I'm working on a nursery for a sweet friend of mine in Kansas City.  You can imagine that face-to-face meetings are not possible, so this is my first, true e-design project and I've learned so much (thanks, in large part, to my patient, creative, very open friend Beth Ann, who has had to deal with guinea-pigdom (sorry!) for this process).
Beth and I have not even spoken once on the phone throughout this process.  It has literally been FB and email communication only, with inspiration and idea exchanges via images and website links.  And though (due to the pesky day-job and a big fat holiday in the middle of the process) we have had to deal with some delays, we have arrived at the end (atleast for me) with a beautiful, unique plan with lots of pattern play and texture, of course.  She was aware of (and interested in) my aesthetic and my love for unexpected pattern mixes.   Although Beth and I have many common likes, she is unique, so it was up to me to make this about the new baby and their family as a reflection of them.  Beth loves peach, she loves vintage prints, and is self-proclaimed lover of all-things-granny.  I don't know anyone who could pass up the opportunity to bring that to life.  Now, don't misinterpret the granny note as bad - she is interested in the past and things used and loved before us and the sweet, delicate motifs that we might have seen in our grandparent's homes (as am I) - and trust me, this momma is one of the most chic, cool, talented (she sings, paints, builds, grows, sews, stitches, cooks!) gals I've ever known.  She owns her opinions, while being immensely open - fab combo.

These images depict how we went from here-to-there in a nutshell - inspiration/color palette, second options, and final combinations - and all electronically.  And for this instance, Beth is arranging all the labor (I hear she has a very talented mom-in-law), and will quite capably finish the project from here - I've just taken what she loves and what she has, and interpreted it through fabric selection and placement. It was so fun , and I'm thrilled to get back to my roots and my education in Interior Design (one of my original loves) in a new and different way!  And as I work on the next steps for Smmidge & Momofandango, I'll be excited to start officially offering this service based on a flat fee per room and some a la carte options (labor, paint, decor etc).  So many fun, exciting changes to share with you all very soon!

Second options to ensure we are going in the right direction - did she want more brightness? No - dots deleted.  Did she really want the big bold print?  Yes! - put it back!
Here we are with the final combo for big elements per her needs (bumpers/floor pillows)
Combo with crib sheet option (right).
We included three crib sheet options that I adore, and that provide a quick way to adjust to the tone of the design.  Luggage tags provide direction on placement/uses for each fabric.

Pulling the final yardage together for shipment.  And note the fuzzy wonder in lower left - we couldn't resist for a beautiful fuzzy pop on a tiny pillow - it is beyond groovy.

Final stack, tied with twine and ready to be wrapped in butcher paper and shipped!
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