Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Smmidge Style: Earth-tone Over-drive

Do you ever come home from the store with, for example, some sweet pickles. . . only to realize you have, like, four other (unopened) jars of sweet pickles. . . ?  You just are in a pickle phase.  Clearly.  I love pickles (and olives and pickled okra and banana peppers. . .I digress).  So this happens alot (literally). . .and I also love a certain color mix as illustrated in the above brainstorm (and below in every other facet of my life) for a nursery I'm working on.  I found the stripe on the left and just could not get it out of my mind. . . I couldn't NOT use it. Now my sweet friend, for whom I'm working on this nursery, loves peach.  I have never had someone say so plainly, "I love peach".  I found that so refreshing. . . I have never fancied myself a peach-lover per se.  But as I explored peach, I found it to be paired with colors that are definitely in my comfort zone.  Turq, pink, brown, gray, orange, yellow, green. . .  love these colors and love them all together. . . maybe I'm a closeted peach lover!?  And apparently, I not only design nurseries in this scheme (Doss and my niece Lola both had variations of this - albeit very difference tones and applications), but I also put together outfits and make Christmas decorations in this same space (Christmas recap coming soon!). . . it is abundantly clear to me that I'm absolutely in earth-tone over-drive.  But I don't care!!! I heart these colors, and live in these colors.  I embrace this earth tone pickle phase. 
I'm seriously obsessed with this dress - got it at J Wilde in San Angelo (LOVE San Angelo) on our way back from Marfa and it is almost an exact match the stripe fabric I can't live without.
Here it is up close.  The stripes of my [current] dreams.  I found it at Dallas's Fabric Factory
This look is : (so comfortable!) Liz Claiborne (I'm serious! it's so cute) plaid jacket I swiped from my Mom; green tunic from Boden (that my Mom actually gave me!); dark navy Gap jeans from last year; pretty scarf from my MOL, Terry.
Paper chains we are using on our Christmas tree this year - by Ben and me - uh, in all my fave colors, of course!!
And, glitter balls (that's right) and boxwood wreaths (from the darling shop Downing Hill), to which I added my felt circles. . . all in my color comfort zone.  See how well they match my outfit!!

Was playing around with my logo and pipe cleaners. . . and low and behold - it is all in my pink, blue, green, yellow, orange zone. . . whew.  Do you think I need an intervention?


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