Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love. Love. Love. Relics Home

Everyone who knows me knows I love funky little retail shops. Who doesn't? Particularly those with fabulous displays and daring assortments.  It all comes down to having a vision and adding a little personality.  One loverly shop that has all of this in spades is Abilene's own Relics Home.  Some of you might also know I'm from a small town near Abilene (Baird, TX) - so I'm always very excited to go home and see what shop owner extraordinaire and designer Rebecca Allen is up to at Relics.

When I was home during the summer her displays were so bright and colorful and lively!  But oh!  These brown leather chairs in the style of the Barcelona Chair are on my "obsession list". 

 Beautiful linens through the window!  The shop is in a restored building in downtown Abilene and is so charming.
Still dying over the owl rug you see hanging on the wall. . . The picture doesn't do it justice.  Rebecca does design out of her shop and has a super cool work space in the back where she'll consult with you while you are surrounded by fabulous fabrics and sit on a calfskin stool.  SO my kind of place.
Candles on an old door hang above a dining room table - LOVE it!  And if anything - that they serve free margaritas on Saturdays - well, it will put the experience through the roof!  It's so fun, and it is retail done well, which I admire and enjoy.  Kudos to Relics Home - See you soon!

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  1. So cute! This little shop makes me actually want to GO to abilene! heh!


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