Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nothing quite like the man-bag

Ok - so it's been a crazy week.  We are preparing for The Dallas Flea, coming up next weekend where we are [re]launching a baby line I have dabbled with for the last 2.5 years called Momofandango.  More to come on this and on the Smmidge mobile shop and studio we are working on for next spring. . . so many exciting things!  It's only taken me 34.5 years to have this much clarity about what I want to do with my life. . . ah, well.  It's ok.  We are just working like crazy to get this first show off the ground and we'll figure it out from there. . . anyway.  In the midst of cutting felt and fabric with Ben these days (poor  guy!  but great and supportive husband!), we circle back to the ever-present discussion of man-style that I have touched on here several times.

Recently, I had the chance to work on a great little shoot with a crew from - and their exec producer was a super cool guy that I enjoyed meeting very much.  You know when you just meet someone that is cool and that you just get immediately?  Well, that was the case with Kelly G.  And, because I liked him so much, I was immediately interested in his style - that laid-back, yet totally groovy LA-esque vibe (they crew all hail from the land of the Angels, of course.  they are a TV crew!).  Anyway, I asked to snap a shot of him with his man-bag.  That's right.  He carried this cool, canvas bag and it totally worked, and I thought "Ben has to see this!".  Ben could totally do a man-bag - ride his bike to school - teach his undergrad class. . .etc.  You know.  He could just do it. . .

So anyway - here is the super cool Kelly Garner and his satchel.  And other (cool but edgy) options from the ever-current Urban Outfitters.  Ben is so sporting one this fall.  Decision. Made.

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