Monday, September 13, 2010

Type on-Trend

I mentioned that we have had some very creative, supportive friends involved with Momofandango and the work toward launching at The Dallas Flea - one in particular creative, Peter Henry (the graphic designer of the hilarious, uber hip J-Dig Cards - more on them in the near future!), helped me develop the new Smmidge logo (debuting right here very soon).  Don't you love that super retro, refrigerator from the fifties feel?  So cool.  We then needed to integrate it into the darling Momofandango logo that some friends at MoHouse Design developed over two years ago.  Who knew how super on-trend we were - because today, a crazy thing happened. A print magazine launched!  That's right.  I said PRINT.  You know how I adore anything paper. . .even if it isn't the greenest approach (but it's only 4 issues per year!), I still love it.  AND - the creative geniuses at Anthology Magazine look like they might be using the same font as our own Momofandango.  See the comparison with the gorgeous cover below.  I'm taking it as a very good sign.  I feel like Momo deserves a spread in the new mag on the coincidence alone!  Don't you agree?!  Hey, a girl can always dream!  Check out more of the wonderful Anthology here but you'll have to get the print version to get the full scoop!  

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