Monday, December 6, 2010

Diggin' Dirt

We went to Bishop Arts last weekend to do a little shopping and I finally had the chance to go into Dirt. We met Chris and Sonya - the groovy duo behind the inspired shop (I love that they live upstairs.  Hello? Dream).  Their event floral designs are gorgeous, but what I heart the most are her reclaimed wood boxes filled with succulents (with a background in set design - Sonya wields a drill to make them herself).  They are so chic.  And at terrific prices, they would make super-amazing gifts this holiday season.   Another must see/must-have - snuff bottles and tin cans with mini flower arrangements - a surprising hostess gift . . . and you want to be remembered for this.  I promise.

Doss enjoyed the carolers immensely.  Got right up in their business and started dancing.
It really was a lovely holiday season evening in Big D.  Look at that skyline! 


  1. Thank you for solving...what to get my mom for Christmas...this place was made for her (and me). It's like you are spying on my mind!! Love it!


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