Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Simple Delights: Sidewalk Sprints

We recently visited the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  It is a wonderful museum which houses the Fort Worth Children's Museum and is a fantastic outing.  Doss loved the dinosaurs, the toy trains, the ambulance with buttons and a steering wheel (his fave) and the trolley. . .
But mostly, he loved running wind-sprints on the sidewalks outside the museum

This child loves to run.  I think he feels free when he runs, and his face expresses such delight when he's bookin' it like that. 

And oddly, it made time slow down for just a bit for us, while we stood by and watched the little dude run and laugh.   

And I guess that is really what it is about.  The moments when time slows while you watch your child taste freedom and happiness out of something so simple. . . hoping he knows the feelings well and often. . . here's to simple delights.

When not watching this little guy - we are working diligently on new Smmidge Studio designs, upcoming blog give-aways and updates on the shop, website, and all kinds of fun new 2011 happenings!  Stat tuned!  


  1. oh gosh - i love this and love that last pic of course! what a great series of the little guy!! can't wait to see what's coming up!

  2. What a little slice of sunshine! Love all the pics, especially the last one and the entire post! He is dreamy.


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