Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb Giveaway 2: Smmidge Blanket

We are so excited to be so close to our Smmidge Studio ETSY launch, and gearing up for the next Dallas Flea this March.  So many changes to the blankets and Band Pants (more on all the new designs SOON), but in the meantime, if you would like to keep a little tot warm during the current (and forthcoming - yikes!) winter blasts, in a groove-a-licious one-of-a-kind blankie, now's your chance!  These Smmidge Biggie Blankets are super great (and the perfect size) to tuck into strollers, cover carriers, or throw on the floor for a playmat.  Unexpected combos, check.  It's all about being unique!

Tell us how you pass the time (translation: keep sane) on snow days by commenting on this post, and you enter to win your fave of the below blankets.  Don't forget to up your chances by becoming a follower here, on Twit Twit, and FB, too.  And before you think that is all, check out our custom "camp tags"!  We'll make it especially for your (or your friend's-they make terrific gifts) precious baby, name or monogram.  Rules below - Happy Monday!

Option 1: Wheaties & Honeycombs

Option 2: Patchwork Dotty

Custom "camp tags", hand stitched
  • eligibility: open to ALL Smmidge readers
  • what to do: leave a comment on the giveaway post filling in these blanks: I keep sane on snow days by _______
  • extra credit: if you are (or become) a follower of Smmidge blog, Smmidge Facebook, or @Smmidge Twitter you receive an extra entry each!  So come on!
  • entry deadline: comments will close 48 hours after initial post time
  • winner selection: winners will be chosen at random
  • winner notification: On mornings following giveaway closing, I'll announce the winner (Smmidge Blanket winner will be announced Thursday Feb 10th)
  • claiming your prize: send me an email at with your mailing address AND the name or monogram you would like on the tag, and I'll pop your prize in the mail! Winners must respond within three (3) days of notification or forfeit the prize. alternate winner will be selected in this instance.


  1. I keep sane on snow days by curling up with homemade hot cocoa, a cozy blanket and a book!

  2. I keep sane on snow days by reading my favorite blog....SMMIDGE!!

  3. I keep sane on snow days by taking my one year old on indoor wagon rides and kicking beach balls down the condo halls! The fabrics are amazing and I LOVE the camp tags!

  4. Sex and the City re-runs, baileys coffee and peanuts for me!

  5. I keep sane on snow days by READING! I never have time to read, so that is a treat!!

  6. Whoa!!! Sooo cute. And how easy is this to comment now fromy iPhone. Hope you don't get tired of my commenting!

  7. I keep sane on snow days by.......well, being a midwest girl in the south during all ice/snow/sleet/blizzard days, comes with the expectation that I will always be the one to make it to work. Though I was at work, I taught a couple of my employees how to do a perfect donut in the parking lot.
    If I WAS a home, I'd be watching all my favorite old movies, all of which are guilty pleasures and too embarassing to list.

  8. Whew! Thanks for some great entries, y'all! Be Sure to check back Thursday for the announcement!

  9. I keep sane on snow days by catching up on my trash TV. Real Housewives, Jersey Shores (yes, I admit I watch Jersey Shores) and a much more pathetic Jerseylicious. Indeed, I should be hanging my head in shame. But hear me out . . . I rationalize my viewing by assuring myself that the only reason I watch is to help me feel like my life is not as big of a disaster as theirs! Kind of a pick-me up!! We'll all need a Smmidge Blankie tomorrow. Stay warm friends!


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