Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flea-Marketing at White Elephant

I love flea-marketing.  I just can't bring myself to say antiquing anymore.  I'm not sure why. . . I think maybe because I'm not out to find the next big money-maker.  I'm not after anything as an investment really, unless it just happens (which would rock, don't get me wrong) - I'm after things that speak to me and will bring interest and texture and history (even if it isn't mine directly) to my surroundings.  I went to check out White Elephant Antiques over the weekend and was so inspired by some of the finds including the following - but also there is oh-so much more.  

The fabulous finds above include a pair of chairs just begging for a vintage fabric makeover; mid-century modern light fixtures and molded wood stools (die, die, die); buckets of antlers; and Lloyd the Cowboy (my true love)Look for updates on Flea Market Finds and Flea Market Makeovers coming soon, and go check out White Elephant Antiques in Dallas.  So much fun.

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