Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Gift to Last: Forage Bow Ties

Hubber is turning 30 on April 4th.  Yep.  I married a younger man, with a lovely old soul, so it all works out . . . anyway - the big 3-0 is important.  What do you do for a man turning 30?  A groovy guy, blazin' trails?  Well, since he might read this, I can't confirm or deny that he'll receive the coolest gift ever.  A lasting gift - something he'll have forever because it's made of amazing materials by true artisans.  A gift that is at once vintage in look and feel (as if it stepped right out of the 20s image of Hubs great-grandparents on the Oklahoma plains) and yet is uber modern and so chic.  IF I were to consider all this, I might give you Forage Bow Ties.  I've been obsessed for a while now (see here) with Shauna and Stephen from Something's Hiding in HereThey make beautiful product and it's their life.  Dreamy.  Plus they are just groovy, in addition to talented - a mad-hot combo.  So Hubber, if you are reading this, I hope you like Forage in the event that you may (or may not) receive one in your near future. . . the future that is you living in your third decade, or is it starting your fourth?  You get the idea.  C'mon.  Jump into your 30s.  The water's warm.
just a pile of vintage fabrics from which Forage Bow Ties are made.
I mean.  What's not to love.
Oh yeah, someone named Martha thinks they are cool too, and featured Shauna and Stephen and their collection of dollhouses in her little magazine.

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