Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Smmidge Style: Parade Day

So I missed the Ides of March (yesterday) and St Patty's isn't technically until tomorrow and we missed the festivities anyway . . . but alas I thought I'd atleast share our Mardi Gras (2 wknds ago) parade style.  We enjoyed a fabulous Sunday on Mardi Gras that started with brunch with dear friends and ended with the Oak Cliff Mardi Gras Parade with dear friends.  I don't know about yall, but our comfort zone is definitely casual, and this day was delightful in that way.  We were in great moods, hanging out, not on a schedule and in clothes that were easy (with touches of green, of course.  It is March)  I love it when Hubs can wear his Nike 6.0s (which also look cute with a suit I might add).  And really, I guess the biggest takeaway is don't discount your black jeans and knit hats.  Ok?  Mix your prints. Fit in a parade now and then.  Bring some cheerios.  And find away to have a free and easy day in the middle of March Madness (whatever that may mean to you.)
Ok.  I'm obsessed with the brown 80's Caddy.  I mean, how freakin' awesome is that?? Love it.

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