Monday, March 14, 2011

Smmidge Style: Sibling Chic

Sometimes it's so hard to decide what to wear for a family photo shoot, right?  Seriously, it's hard to decide what to wear to work or even to the grocery store, much less the family photo shoot.  We all carry such high hopes that the images are going to be an expression of our family's life, and style and of the moment in time, particularly when you are watching your kids grow up.  Most of this is communicated through the location and the lens of the photographer.  The rest comes through the clothes, of course, and when you look at your stuff and see zero options (um, I might be speaking for myself) a fresh set of eyes can help.

I'm lucky enough to have a friend in local Dallas photographer, Jenny Watts, who has indulged me on some crazy whims for styled shoots (think vintage chairs in a cow pasture), but on the more practical side (yes, I often DO have a practical side.  shocking) I sometimes help her clients pull looks together out of their existing wardrobes.  Jenny is a master at capturing kids just as they are, so the parents are ahead of the game when they work with her - and sometimes it just takes someone from the outside to see fresh new combos in the closet without buying one new thing (a bummer? perhaps. unless you are freaky busy with all the other things in this crazy life that a shopping trip purely for pics is ridiculous.  seriously.).  I can and will leave shopping lists for added options in case it's really needed, but for these - it was all right there on the hangers.  Speaking of, these are looks I recently pulled for four of the coolest kids in Big D - it was so fun to see these super sibs interact and, in the short time I was in their home, see four personalities light up the rooms.  Here's the end result and I think they look great - having Jenny's talent and the gorgeous kids makes it easy.
I love this so much - and these sibs really do love laughing together.
I love the subtle florals in both the girls' looks - the one on the left needed a little coaxing, but in the end she loved the top (she had never worn) and Mom was happy to get some use out of the purchase! Though one is more sporty and one is more girly, they both work.
All different, but all connected - just like the kids themselves.
are you kidding me?  Die.  So. Cute.


  1. Molly I can't tell you how much I love the clothes, kids and photos. You chose the PERFECT wardrobe. And that Jenny is one of the most talented photographers Ive ever seen:)
    love, meg

  2. Molly - the clothes seriously make the session! They fit each kids personality perfectly and all reflected so good on camera. Thank you thank you - can't wait for us to work together again!!! I've always thought we made a pretty darn good team! :)

    Check out the love you got on my blog -

  3. Thanks ladies! Meg they are great kids and yes, Jenny is super talented! Jenny, so hope we can do it again soon and thanks for the blog love!


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