Thursday, April 14, 2011

J-Dig This

Don't you love it when your friends are groovy?  I'm really lucky to know some smart, creative peeps out there doing stuff, making stuff, making marks.  Some of my coolest, closest friends are two-thirds of the trio that make up J-Dig Cards, a Dallas based greeting card company that is pure awesomeness.  I can't really do a description of J-Dig justice, though the word irreverent comes to mind. . . I can just say that all of their cards make me laugh.  They are genius both visually and conceptually - I love how if you separate the visual from the expression, they don't work as well. They need eachother. . . It's the Bros. Henry bringing it to life like only siblings can, just like an Edward Burns movie.  More on their (J-Dig that is) creative process here.  With Coop (my college pal) keeping it real and moving it along gracefully, as she is meant to do.  Some of my fave current examples below , but check 'em out here for more (funny, racy, raunchy, hilarious) and tweet 'em too: @JDigCards

on my want list this year.

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