Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Bliss

We couldn't help but wake up at 4:45am this morning to take part in viewing Prince William and Catherine Middleton's royal wedding with over 1billion others around the world.  I felt so strongly about seeing it as it happened, 1) because I have a fuzzy but happy memory of watching Charles and Di's wedding when I was small and 2) because it isn't often anymore that we have a chance to be a part of a collective experience that is happy.  We were among a billion peeps watching two gorgeous people look lovingly at one another in what seemed like Royal Wedding Bliss, all at the same time.  Amazing and wonderful.   And of course, what sort of event would this be if it weren't for the momentos available to commemorate this day. . . here are a couple of items that don't make me gag.  And moreover, I even sort of like them.  Here's to another happy event - our collective two day honeymoon that is a weekend, yay!
William and Kate Tea Towel
Beautiful William and Catherine pillow by Jan Constantine

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