Monday, June 27, 2011


For quite awhile, I have wanted to share with you the home of one of my dear friends (and my former boss), Brian Morrison.  There was a fab house, then a sell and a move and crazy schedules in between for Brian, but it's time.   We recently made time to catch up so I could see the new house and so we could drink wine and talktalktalk for hours about every subject imaginable.  You know those talks with friends.  I love it and adore him and his terrific partner John.  Brian is the creative force behind the visual store experience for The Container Store (I know - you love that store too!), and clearly as you'll see, he has created a beautifully eclectic, chic, modern but comfortable home.

Brian and John are collectors (though sometimes Brian would say he is a junker too - he loves flea markets but that's another post) from books to vintage glass and pottery, to art work.  They love art, particularly young, new and local artists, and their collections and passions inform their home.  It's truly a reflection of their lives.  And those layers and displays are my favorite part of the house.  Lovely.  I hope you enjoy it.  More Abode installments to come.  Happy Monday y'all.

 There is Brian, doing what he does best - merchandising!

Don't you love this pop of red room?!
Bri giving me the tour.  
 The outdoor living space is beyond.

 I stayed so long that evening that I had to include some night time shots.  The lighting pops and contrast with the art was gorge.


  1. Oh my goodness! Please come decorate my house.....just like yours?


  2. Incredible! Great shots Mol.....his house is amazing.


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