Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Simple Delights: lunch, balloon & blankets

We had a Northpark afternoon recently that was just plain fun.  Never thought I'd say that about a mall day with my fam, (aren't there better things to do? yes. . .) BUT, Northpark is a wonderful mall for a mall.  From chicken nuggets to amazing foliage, to major & well. . . fabulous consumption, to high art and beautiful people watching - its got it all.  This day, the chicken nuggets and a balloon took the cake.  Plain and simple, of course.  And I got a few things marked off my list to boot. With the mechanical worker sculptures (who's that artist?) taking a close second ("wow mommy, look at those big guys!").   And in other simple delights, I'm loving getting some of my very favorite smmidge Studio blankets ready to be sent out to their new homes.  I've taken a bit of a break from this recently (but nursery design update to come soon!) and am really jazzed to rev this important and fulfilling part of smmidge back up.  They are so soft and funky!  My favorite mix.  Happy Wednesday.

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