Thursday, June 23, 2011


Adorable fashion line and designer both called Sheridan French.  Spotted on her smart blog The Southern Eclectic

Hello happy.  B&W stripes and pink and red flowers.  Love all around for these love party mock ups  spotted on Bash Please - those smarty pants.

Who wouldn't love a sequin dress and a Kate Spade elephant purse?  Spotted this awesome shot on Pretty Stuff

Oh my - can you believe these beautiful wings?  Spotted on the very pretty little blog, Llevoelinvierno which my hubs loosely translates to "I take winter with me wherever I go".  Magic words and wings.  

A gorgeous and simple jewelry holder spotted on Evie S.  I love this blog for all things creative - it's just so lovely and she's an Oklahoman.  And you know I can't help but love Oklahomans, having married one and all.

Lovely Thursday, y'all!

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