Monday, July 11, 2011

Project: Gilded Stumps

I came across these beautiful stumps while we were in Oklahoma visiting family and couldn't resist bringing them home.  I wasn't sure what would be the end result of this "stump redo". . . side tables?  table top decor?  But I knew they were perfect and were bound for Dallas. . . 
After some dusting and prepping (though I left all the quirks), we went to work spray painting them.  They would be terrific in glossy white, turquoise or even orange. . . but after my recent gold bamboo coffee table purchase, I knew a warm metallic was perfect.  It was so easy - we just gave the stumps several coats of the metallic spray paint, let them dry for a few days and then sprayed with sealer.  Now, here they are in their new spots. . . I think they bring are the perfect layer to my 60s lamps and metallic bamboo table and shag rug to top off the collected, boho feel I was wanting.  Just enough of the unexpected to really make me happy.  
Next to my favorite houndstooth chair.
And in the back of the room with the records, record player and the Eames knock off I adore.


  1. i love stumps as furntiture... my papa had two or three aroudn the house for use when guests or grandkds came over... everyone loved them! I so want a pair!

  2. I'm super impressed! So fabulous.


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