Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coat Check

Smythe Piped Jacket - image from shopbob
Obsessed with Smythe jackets.  Did I say obsessed?  OBSESSED.  Word is that these made-in-canada beauties, from the label that believes in impeccable fabrics and tailoring for their menswear driven designs (a jacket makes a wardrobe, yes) are the brainchild of Christie Smythe, sister of the fabulously adorable Tommy Smythe, Sarah Richardson's design partner.  I always love the jackets Sarah wears on her design series. . . now I know why.  Smythe. So, they are a little on the high end, whew, but I think a piece to keep forever.  Timeless.
Smythe tweed riding jacket - revolve clothing

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