Monday, September 19, 2011

One Rad Chick and the Collaborative Home

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Damn, this is freaking awesome and blowing my mind.  This being a couple of things.  1) Kelli Anderson's (aka "Rad Chick) ahhhhhmazing infographics and 2) The Collaborative Fund itself for which these infographics were made. 

Kelli Anderson is self described "artist/designer and tinkerer who is always experimenting with new means of making images and experiences".  Bravo, friend.  I was immediately drawn to the work with it's bits of nostalgia rooted firmly in twenty-first century interaction - hello "audible paper".  But particularly these images of the Collaborative Home both in design and content completely drew me in.  I'd say it's rootsy and modern - just what we like here.   

The Collaborative Fund gives me hope.  I happened upon it through Kelli Anderson's site, and thank goodness. We spin our wheels everyday trying to make sense of this life, how to enjoy it while working all.the.time.(sometimes towards our goals, other times not so much), how to provide a good life to our child, how to have fun and have some things we want without being completely consumed with consuming (kind of funny since I often talk about "what to buy" on this blog. i know i know). . . It's a balance I think, like the Toms approach, you know?  We all the want people to prosper, for the economy to not be in the shitter (and "shitter" is the only term that works here), to have hope for our future, but can't there be a better way?  Well, Collaborative Fund thinks so, as they rethink a "shared future".  Their aim is to support creative entrepreneurs who want to shift business values (c'mon! people matter!), modern economic pillars, and thus our daily lives for the better. . . together.  OK - I'm in.  It really speaks to my entrepreneurial spirit, and especially taps my own (idealistic as it may be) hope for the world. . . and for my kid's life.  And, plainly, I'm just happy to know I'm not alone in this hope and that there are smarties working on it out there, too.  xx -m.m.

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