Monday, October 24, 2011

Entry Shelf Makeover

My sad little yellow shelf in my entry had been in need of a little makeover.  We are in the middle of painting our exterior trim grey (yay - more to come on that!), but in the meantime I've been on a re-do kick on all sorts of things on the inside. . . I just finished the entryway shelf and I think it works!  From (bad) yellow (what was I thinking?) to sleek grey, it pops and feels much more pulled together now.  And from works much more beautifully with the rest of the house particularly the living room (from which you can see the entry way - iddy biddy 50s house).  Here are the full results; maybe grey is in your future too. . .? 
My beloved collection of old Dominos - NOT in order obviously.
and other collections - from Dwell to Elle Decor.  

And one with Guthrie (as seen in the before!) to boot.


  1. I recently got rid of all my shelter/decor magazines and kept only Domino and Martha Stewart magazines.

  2. Oh the Dominos! I love them still. :)


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