Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little Boy's Halloween Costume

 Ok guys - Halloween is coming.  Last year was a big flop for me. . . we ended scrambling for the last available Target costume on THE 31st of October.  Hello?  The year before (his first Halloween) he was Einstein with a crafty wig and pocket protector and all - it was so cute!  So I was determined to get something made that we would have fun with.  Luckily, my uber creative momma (Dinks as she is now known) was able to provide some creative direction. . . this from the lady who whipped up handmade and amazing costumes every year for us growing up, of course (post worthy, fully hand cut paper amazingness. . . I can't even explain).  So a google search or two later I was off and running on our 1920s weightlifter - slicked hair, weight belt, hand cut felt (of course) shield, cardboard belt buckle and pencil thin mustache.  I LOVE it!  Now, it does play to Bugger's strengths - this is a big kid.  2 yrs old going on 3, and solid as a rock.  So we went with it.  Here's to a holiday all about expressing yourself (and your strengths!).  Happy early Halloween!


  1. This is GREATNESS! LOVE IT! Oh my gosh, he's the cutest and you are way too creative. Hilarious and awesome. xoxo

  2. Thanks Kel! Miss you and thinking of you. Home for awhile after this and hope to see you.

  3. Get out of town! I can't take it! It is so great, he is adorable!


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