Monday, October 3, 2011

One Vintage Tie, Two Outfits

Ben and I were married 5 yrs last June, and this summer I wore my wedding shoes a couple of times as a mini celebration of that wonderful day (another day I'll show you those polka dot numbers. love).  When we married, Ben's gift to his groomsmen were vintage ties.  Ben wore this super groovy orange tie, and I have always loved it. . . I recently drug it out too, in need of inspiration and my own way to spice up a couple of outfits.  One with a navy blazer for work, and one with a party dress I wore to a special friend's baby shower.  It added a little personal touch to each that made me feel a bit sassier on both days, which I've been searching for over the last few weeks.  I was in a massive rut, and this tie totally made me feel better.  Oh, and my navy blue toenail polish helped too.  You can do the same - your favorite shirt, or shoes or scarf or earrings - pair with something you wouldn't have before, or use in a new way for a bit of spunk.  Here's to a spunky week!  


  1. Love this!!! You look great!!!! K

  2. Shoes + Belt = Divine. Happy anniversary! I will definitely be stealing your tie-as-belt look.


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