Saturday, December 10, 2011

Smmidge Style - Little Bits of Life

 I'm in NYC for a quick over-nighter.  It has been an intense but good trip, loved checking out the dream hotel for the first time ( more on that soon) and I'm so looking forward to returning home to hang with the boys and try to get some Christmas shopping done.  Yikes!  I'm so behind I can't even tell you.  We have the big 3 for little Bugs coming up and dare I say, we are NOT ready. . . Oy.  The joys of being a working Mother.  But oh that's another post!  How do yall do it?  Any advice is welcome, but if you are going to tell me anything graceful, keep it to yourself!  I am really enjoying the holiday season just the same.  It's been a busy few weeks of work, brainstorms, projects, family and friends, and little outings here and there, and though we never seem to have enough time, it all works out.  Here are some tiny bits for you of it all from pattern mixing to felt table cloths. . .  starting with purple pants and polka dots - a favorite pairing!  Have a great weekend and hope you are enjoying this holiday season as much as I am!  
 Colors and patterns make me so happy.  This yellow and black checked shirt is an oldie but a goodie. 
Can't believe my baby is almost 3.  What a rad little dude he is.  His own little man, this one.  Can't believe it.  
 I had some shoes repaired (yay!) and when I got them back I couldn't resist how cute they looked tucked into my trusty striped satchel. 
 My Mom and I took Buggers to the Children's Museum over Thanksgiving.  He had a ball playing in the ambulance, and my Mom (always fashionable) looked so cute that day.  Love this glimpse of her style. 
 On the way home from Hubs' family Thanksgiving in Oklahoma, we stopped at this amazing diner in Chickasha.  This is for real, yall.  
 We had a few vintage scavenger hunts on the move trying to finish a friend's nursery. Hubs and Buggers were troopers. . . and lookin' cute too.  
 Christmas tree shopping!
 A fun mix of finds for the little baby boy's nursery.  More to come on that soon!
 I made this felt table cloth last year and I just love the graphic trees on all four corners. 
 Loving this yellow cardigan.  So boho.  And warm too. 
 Chevron cape.  A.Dore.
The tree is up and dressed in tinsel and felt (of course!).  Now she just needs some pretty presents.  Oh! so much to do.  Have a great weekend guys! 

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