Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spotted [v]

Hello!! Happy post-Christmas/pre-New Year's Eve to you!  Hope you all are surviving the season. . . how sad that I have to say it like that but wow, it's a marathon of travel, family, stress, excitement, sugar highs, cocktails, and little sleep that often (and currently) leaves me run-down.  But even so, I'm ever hopeful for a wonderful new year with many new and exciting changes for us. One thing that keeps me inspired is taking a look at what's up with the many super cats on this here interweb - so many folks with many totally terrif thoughts, ideas and unique approaches that keep me happy, inspired and excited to share my own.  Here are the just a few of my faves from a recent web tour.  Enjoy!
Image via Hillary Inspired Blog
I adore the local blog Hillary Inspired where I recently spotted this amazing chair within a post covering the Dallas Vintage-ista herself, Leslie Pritchard.  Super fab stuff can always be found in Hillary's blog and in her collaborations with Hello Splendor (another fave).
image via Late Afternoon
Love love love this print on print look I spotted on the Late Afternoon blog, a go-to source for fashion inspiration. 
image via One Sidney Road
So into this "Local" bag I spotted on One Sidney Road.  Piper curates the most lovely array of home decor and accessories.  A staple-site for amazing finds.   
via Misadventures in Shopping
This is from a hilarious post on Misadventures in Shopping about Warby Parker frames and how on earth to choose them (being that all are fabulous).  MiS is the blog of one of my kindred spirits and a former co-worker gal, Rosa, who is a superb writer with an eye for fabulous stuff, cool ideas, food and takes on life. . .  


  1. Ah, thanks!! I appreciate the mention and kind words! Glad to know you've enjoyed my posts. :-)

  2. sure! glad you liked - always happy to see your stuff. :)


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