Monday, January 9, 2012

This & That on Dining Room Inspiration

Image via the Lennoxx
I'm really obsessed with a dining room re-do right now. . . and though we have some other big changes that may happen first, I'm enjoying seeking out some inspiration and direction that may drive my future dining area. . . along with some help from the amazing guys at Rehab Design Studio who can find the BEST vintage furniture (you remember them from this), I feel confident we will get this right. . . eventually!  I love all of these dining room images for one reason or another.  One common thread they all share is a mix of rustic and modern design and decor.  There are contrasting but complimentary finishes and textures that I find I'm attracted to in many different ways.  Above, I adore the bohemian mix of patterns and colors and that mustard yellow is just plain happy.

image via glitter guide
Oh what a beauty.  Colors and pattern against a simple clean but rustic table.  
image via Room Galleries
I am obsessed with these yellow metal chairs.  The table is not my favorite but it still achieves the mix of rustic texture against a smooth brighter color.  And I really do dig the oversized the piece of art in the corner too.  
image via Apartment Therapy
So, here I'm attracted to the rhythm that happens here with those high back chairs.  Again, the table.  . . not my fave but dig the strong, dark high chairs making a statement against the glass top of the table.  Are those gold oversized antler legs?
image via Kim Gray
OH!  LOVE that heavy block table against the soft white, mismatched chairs. . . relaxing in this space would so easy. 
image via Gypsy Mess
Perhaps my favorite image as I can really see myself in this room.  I love chalkboards (I first used chalkboard paint on my refrigerator door 10 years ago and it makes me so happy still!) and I think it's so cute and simple and interactive and chill as a part of this room. . .and again with those chairs!  Hope you enjoy these awesome spaces and find inspiration for your next dining room spruce up or re-do as well! 


  1. These dining room decorations are so beautiful. I think my favorite image is from glitter guide. I like rustic table and the rug very much. I like vintage and nostalgic decorations very much... Best wishes..

  2. I agree, Beck. Love that shot! Best to you, too.

  3. Awesome! Modern furniture, like modern art, is characterized by unconventional styles and designs. Most design concepts from the old style furniture were discarded to make way for new, unique varieties. I like the designs.

  4. Very nice! Dining rooms have evolved from the personal family space into entertainment rooms, which radiate style and elegance to guests. The choice of rustic dining room furniture is a mater of individual taste, not merely one of functional attributes. Great for sharing!


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