Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blogger Profile: Beth from Hello Splendor

I'm so excited to have Beth Dotolo from Hello Splendor be a part of the blogger profile series.  You know and love her from her inspiring, beautiful blog and from her gorgeous design work through the studio she founded with friend and business partner, Carolina V Gentry -  Pulp Design Studios.  This girl is what blogging legends are made of, but best the thing about her is how down-to-earth she truly is.  I was lucky to meet and visit with her on a couple of occasions while she was still living in Dallas (she and her cute family recently moved to Seattle). She was so nice, so approachable, so open and gorgeous, as you can see in the shot below - whew! That's the best, right?   I think you'll love this little peek into her world and how she does what she does.  Oh, and read all the way through - there might be a little extra surprise just for you decor lovers out there *HELLO DEAL*!!  Enjoy!  xx - m.m.

[smmidge] 1) Describe your blogging style.
[Hello Splendor] My blogging style is all over the place! I divide my time blogging personally and professionally for my business, so even after a few years of blogging I find that I'm still trying to find my voice. I blog about anything from interior design, to fashion, to food, to family. 

[smmidge] 2) Your personal style? And one favorite piece (each) in your home and wardrobe that reflects your style.
[Hello Splendor] Laid back! For my wardrobe, I'm almost always in jeans & I try to pair them with a hip slouchy top and cool pair of shoes. My pair of Levi's Jeggings has to be my go-to piece.

For my interior, I have a modern and eclectic sensibility. Since I'm an interior designer, I find that my tastes are constantly changing. Rather than changing my home I just keep adding the things I collect giving it a pretty eclectic feel. My favorite piece in my home is my Global Views Starburst Mirror.  

*HELLO DEAL!* If you love this mirror too (I know you do) and you are wishing you could get design client deals, now is your chance.  Just email and mention "smmidge" for an EXTRA discount on the sale price in the link. How fabulous!!  I think I may be hanging this mirror in my dining room soon too!   
(smmidge - I love love love this shot of the mirror in Beth's former home in Dallas.  She's now in Seattle and is sorely missed in Big D)

[smmidge] 3) What keeps you inspired both on the blog and in life?
[Hello Splendor] Living life. I try to draw my inspiration from the things I'm doing and seeing, rather than constantly trying to 'think of something' to blog about. If anyone is feeling uninspired, I suggest they get out and DO something! You can drum up a blog post from just about anything. For instance, I'm going to the grocery store which is not exciting, but for a post I'll build an outfit collage around 'Sunday at the Market'. I found that the more I searched for inspiration at my desk, the more burnt out I was. 

[smmidge] 4) Your 3 favorite songs to listen to while blogging.
[Hello Splendor] Here are a few songs on my ethereal style ipod playlist that help inspire a little creativity.

[smmidge] 5) Last book you read and loved.
[Hello Splendor] Do I have to tell you? Hunger Games.

[smmidge] 6) Your top three favorite blogs.
[Hello Splendor] designlovefest

Thanks so much, Beth, for being a part of this series! So wonderful to get to know you even a little bit more!  


  1. Loving this series Molly! I'm even learning things about Beth I didn't know!!

    1. Thanks Hilary! So nice to hear!!! It's been so fun for me, too.

  2. I just sat down to read this after a whirlwind week & weekend! What an intro!!!! Thank you so so so much for such a gorgeous post. So glad we got to meet before I moved. I'll be back & we'll be sure to get together. Thanks Molly!

    1. I'm so glad you like it! Yay! Very happy we connected before the big move, too, and would love to catch up when you are back. Thanks again so much.

  3. Great post, she seems super fabulous! :)


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