Friday, April 27, 2012

smmidge Style: Spring Pleats and Layers

Happy Friday!  Hope you are off to a fabulous spring weekend.  It's almost May! Can't believe it.  I say that with every passing month though. I do love May, so this is a fun change even if it is still shocking in some way.  The weather is usually lovely, and it's the intro to summer, and . . . selfishly. . . it is my birthday month.  I love my birthday.  I mean the numbers are getting bigger, yes, but it's still fun.  A couple of years ago, my birthday entailed wrist corsages.See here. One year it was my bachelorette party. Whatever I do, it always includes prosecco. I enjoy it and like to have fun and intend to this year as I officially launch into my late 30s.  Uh, excuse me?  How did that happen?  Wow.  Well, I hope I always want to have fun on my birthday no matter how old, but enough about that.  Today I'm just sharing a springy look whether it's your birthday or not.  I found this really pretty pleated dress from BCBG back in February when I was in LA for the Oscars (F.U.N. right?), and it felt a little bit much for work on it's own (though on another day I might not feel like that at all. . . I may try it alone soon), so I layered this pretty colorful crochet-esque sweater from jcp and my old, fave belt that looks like a 70s guitar strap.  I liked how it turned out and how the black in the shirt and the shoes really anchored the super light dress.   Doss approved too, which is always the true test.  This guy will tell it like it is, and sometimes I look "pretty, mommy" and sometimes. . . naahh. :)  Love it.  Then he was off to rock out on his scooter, just as it should be.  Again, happy happy weekend to you!  xx - m.m.

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