Monday, May 7, 2012

Instagram-able 8

The best thing about these instagram recaps is that now, after 8 of these boogers, I really do know that there is never going to be any real reprieve from craziness.  You can't move forward until you acknowledge reality, right?  Well I'm here, crazy, I'm here.  I accept you and maybe I am you.  Ok, now onward.  Here are the things that made my instagram recently including, above, tacos on the street, sweet Doss, orange jeans and a bowl returned home.  Is there anything better than a post-it in a bowl with your name on it?
We took in an Earth Day concert with Doss - our fave, Amos Lee.  It was a good way to spend an afternoon.  The boys looked cute as always.  I'm into apples and clocks. . . on necklaces.  And during an unusually bad day at work, a friend shared this really awesome quote that made me laugh.  "when I get sad, I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead.  TRUE STORY."
I love a day when someone says, "Wow, you really don't match at all."  Score one, Magill, with green jeans and a purple and blue tunic.  I've been breaking in my super simple navy Toms and it doesn't get any better.  The boys again. . . So cute.  And, on yet another trying day, a little hand made everything right and ok.  Ok.  
I brought home a Jo's Coffee coffee cup from our recent jaunt to Austin and it makes me so happy every time I get to drink life's elixir from it.  A dear friend gave me two buttons that she said reminded her of me.  I thought "mama bear" and "starving artist" were both real compliments.  We get to take the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge to pick up Doss from school and it's a delight, designed by Calatrava.  A pleated skirt and colorful stripes make me feel pretty.  So there you have it.  The last few weeks minus the gory details.  Hope you have had a wonderful few too.  xx - m.m.

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