Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm in Hell. No Wait, We're Just Moving.

I haven't missed a week of blogging since almost the beginning of Smmidge 2 yrs ago. I've pushed through sickness, work nightmares (like lay offs and offsite meetings), work trips, vacations, potty training, kids starting school, and family drama, and nothing has sent me for a loop more than the process of selling our first home, packing, moving all our worldly possessions and (fingers crossed) buying our next home in our new neighborhood. So many wonderful and exciting things to share in the future....and possible changes to smmidge....but in the meantime I'm in hell.... No..... Not really. Just knee deep in boxes, and that is where I'll remain for the next little bit. I'll check back with y'all as much as I can. Wish us luck! Xx- m.m.

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  1. Hell? Yes. I can attest to that. Barely survived it myself. On the brink of death too many times to count. I was only saved at the last minute of every banking catastrophe known to man by the good ship Gin & Tonic. They raised my bow every night above the flotsam of worry and the cramps of signature after signature after signature. Unfortunately, they haven't helped much unpacking the garage. They keep telling me that's Beer's job. I doubt this will end well.


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