Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Magazine Mix

I looked down to see these two magazines on my table, and I laughed.  Then I realized it's the perfect dichotomy of my style. . . probably true for you, too.  Country Living and Foam.  Seriously?  Well. . . yes.  Why not?  I sometimes need to bust out of my typical go-tos of Dwell, Elle Decor and vintage issues of Domino.  

Here's my breakdown: 

It's hard to believe Country Living is still alive in the age of dying magazines, especially ones that have been around for more than 10 years.  It really does have good ideas.  Fun tips. Nice photography.  And it's less baby blue duck motif country, and more livable, eclectic, bright family homes.  And Foam is well. . .cool.  Maybe too cool for me in real life, but I like to know about what they know.  It's young, but not too young.  It may highlight 20 somethings, but also super cool 30 somethings and I find the info about smart, cool creatives across the country and ideas, projects, art - fascinating.  

I'm not fully a "Foam girl" and I'm not fully a "Country Living lady".  But put them together and I'm right in my comfort zone.  Marketers hate me.   xx - m.m. 

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