Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cardboard Lion, King of the Jungle

Doss and Cardboard Lion, Christmas 09

Dinks and Dado

Look at this lion! Isn't he the cutest most loveable cardboard lion you have ever seen? I think he is so expressive. . . I mentioned before how much I love paper and anything created out of paper, and how I came by it naturally. My Baba (maternal grandmother) and my Mom could cut things (freehand most of the time) out of paper (usually construction paper but often many different paper mediums), perhaps out or necessity, but more importantly out of, I think, a viewpoint that needs to be expressed playfully and in 3D. The lion above was cut out by hand by my Mom and Dad - Steve and Suzee Odom or, to Lola, Doss, and "Geronimo" (the soon to be latest addition to the family & cousins and Lola's little brother) Dinks and Dado.

Cardboard Lion came to stay with us over Christmas. My Mom and Dad received an Anthropologie catalog and were so inspired they just whipped this up - no doubt with some yells, laughs, and I don't know. . . a curse word or two. Hard to say - I wasn't there. Mr. Lion was just there in the living room at Dinks and Dado's when we arrived for Christmas. What a magical treat it was to have him! I'm still super impressed with his broad mane full of movement and rope tail that seems so real.

Cardy the Lion inspires me to continue on my ever present quest to create. Create something that inspires someone the way this lion, and the very fact that my parents were inspired to create him, spurs me onward. That they took the time to make this artwork for their grandchildren out of a box and some rope and some paper - poof, we were transported to the jungle - is well. . . Magical.

Creativity is on my mind this week after my brother forwarded an article on creativity and it's decline perhaps because of the modern, digital world we live in. . . and how really making something, producing actual things, helps foster true creativity or the ability to create solutions as well as things. . . and how maybe the anxiousness and discontent I sometimes struggle with might just be that piece of me craving scissors, colors, paper, glue, thread, fabric, paint, playdo, pipecleaners and ribbon to just Make. Create. Speak out. Express. Inspire. Foster. Capture. Live. On.


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