Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gentlemen, man

Forage Bow Tie
Inspiring Men's fashion found on
The very dapper Mr. Sidney Foy, my Grandfather in the early 50s
More groovy guys from a featured wedding on
My husband's great-grandfather, in the 1930s

I'm always on the lookout for inspiring men's fashion. Men who know and express a personal style are so very interesting... My husband is in the middle of a time in his life full of change. He is changing, growing a great deal both as a husband and father, but also and almost in the forefront, as a professional. He figured out his path over the last year, and it's changed him. He is different in some ways, but also still the same guy. . . the same singer, songwriter, musician, writer, voracious reader, lover of the quiet and of loud live music. . . it's just that now he goes into an office everyday and actually loves that too. So we are in the midst of evolving his expression of style, and well. . . it isn't easy. He is cool and he has longish hair and a beard. . . so he wants to express that he isn't your average 8-5er, while still expressing his seriousness. One thing he has tossed around is the idea of bow ties. . . I LOVE them, and he is really considering them as a part of his wardrobe too. The one shown above is from the lovely folks blogging at SomethingsHidingInHere - and they call their bow tie line Forage. Genius. They linked me to another blog called OnceWed that highlights weddings. . . what a beautiful marriage of vintage/modern. For me, that is where it's at! Nodding to the past with your modern expression of style. Maybe sometimes even winking to those who came before you. Love the suspenders and vests. Finally I had to throw in some men in our familial past who were just so chic in their own right. The 30s and 40s were such a wonderful time of effortless style for men. No matter your station, your job, your lifestyle all the men were just so cool. It's very inspiring. We'll keep you posted on Ben's evolution in style. . . Such a fun thing. . . Cheers!

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  1. I love what you wrote about Ben...what you're observing about how a change in his career is producing growth in him...and that he LOVES it! Go Ben!!!

    I wouldn't call myself a noticer-of-fashion, but I appreciate you drawing my attention to cool, hip men's styles. Hope to see you soon Miss Molly!


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