Friday, July 9, 2010

Speaking out and. . . through

Smmidge is all about showcasing people doing what they love. I love finding people hard at work in their daily lives and behind the scenes, they are creating, speaking out, changing themselves and others. It is even more wonderful when I have the chance to know them or work with them - and then find this out! Lisa Wicka and I spent many days together in the JCPenney Manhattan store branding and managing consumer events - she and her team always did a terrific job supporting our initiatives and keeping things moving and on track both with consumers and within store functions. So when Lisa sent us her farewell email as she departed for grad school, and along with her message, her blog links about her art, I was blown away by her voice - what she says and makes us think about art, fashion and media (something I work in everyday) is, eh-hem, well, eye-opening. . . but she says in the most beautiful way. Truly. Beautiful. Best of luck Lisa!

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