Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paper circles make me happy

Look at these paper circle garlands! I have an affinity for handmade paper items that was ingrained in me at a very early age - my mother and grandmother could make almost anything out of paper; costumes, palm trees, every letter of the alphabet. As teachers, they produced programs with elaborate sets they made by hand, and halloween costumes from the store? I think not. Fully cut out of construction paper. And detailed and beautful, at that! Alas, I came across these garland on Wren Handmade's Etsy store and they make me so happy - can't you just see a happy children and birthday cakes below? Or twinkle lights all around and people celebrating, well, anything with these around. I read recently that no matter your profession, you will get further in your career and against any goals you have if you make something. MAKE something. Apparently it helps you expand creatively (shocker, right?) AND create better solutions problems, answers to needs. . . I'm sure these darling garlands led to plently of creative solutions.

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