Thursday, September 30, 2010

Maggie's 2nd Birthday: Carni-land!

My niece, Miss Maggie Magill, turned 2 a couple of weeks ago in Tyler, Texas.  My Brother and Sister-in-law, Matt and Megan Magill (check 'em out!) asked me to come out and style the party for Miss Maggs, and I was so so happy (and honored!) to oblige.  What we came up with was a colorful ABC and 123's carnival-like celebration to enhance one of Maggie's favorite things - a bounce house!  And with the September timing, the back-to-school element layered nicely on the carnival theme with hand-made chalkboard party favors, signs and an interactive station for the kiddos, all with colorful chalk, of course!  It was so wonderful to be with Matt and Megan, sweet Maggie, her baby-sister Blythe - and meet all of their sweet friends in Tyler.  What a great group of people!  Thanks for letting "Smmidge" style such a special party - I had blast!

Birthday girl and her mom in pretty plaid, pre-party!
See the whole party and even before-and-afters after the jump!

Felt pennants and hand-stamped tags were used through-out the party for pops of color.

Pre-party set-up with bounce house mis-matched picnic blankets and pennants galore!

Party favors table covered in repurposed fabrics and Momofandango blankets and pon-poms of course!
Party favors included to-go cardboard chalkboards and color chalk and Momofandango party hair-clips and bow-ties

                              Serving table covered in re-purposed fabrics, pennants and an ABC and 123 tag center-piece - the hot-dogs and cheetos were perfection!
Table corners held in place with colorful pipe-cleaners.

A large cardboard chalkboard gave the kids a place to express their  birthday wishes to Maggie!

What a work of art!

"Cowboy Matt" made an appearance to lead the kids in some of their favorite tunes

Then Megan lead the kids in her genius idea: "Musical Blankets" - LOVE it.  They used none other than Momofandango one-of-a-kind blankets!

Could there be a cuter Momofandango model?!  Maggie in her special party hair clip. (love Uncle Ben's Nike's in the background)

Happy Birthday girl and family!
The fun, chill scene with happy party-goers and parents!

Kids really did want to use to-go chalkboards - yay!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Love the ABC/123 party theme, Molly! Great decor and party favors. I'm making am mental note for Millie's 2nd birthday party! Great work, Molly! You inspire me! -Gretchen


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