Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I [heart] Symmetry Scarves (and Bobbie!)

Dying over these wool scarves by Symmetry - that yellow is my FAVE
Whew!  What a week!  I have been a little out of pocket (in ATL) traveling for my day-job (pesky sometimes, but alas, it pays the bills. . .) Sometimes, the j-o-b allows me to meet and work with some really wonderful people, I admit it (recently Tim Gunn, and last year the, uh, Real Housewives of NYC - oh yeah.) -  and this week was one of those opportunities.  I had the chance to work with super-stylist to the stars, columnist, and Style Editor (on one of your favorite morning shows, and mine - eh-hem Today Show Friday segs) - and she hosted a fashion show for my company - and what a wonderful girl!  Bobbie is all about women - and she means it - she knows what we go through and how much fashion has an impact on how we feel. It was really fun to get to work with her - and I mean she works - digging in and really pulling clothes, working the models, hanging with store staff, all the while finding out all about each person in the room, giving style tips and sharing stories.  It was a great experience - and since we are totally BFF now, I had to stalk her on her blog where I of course found something that may be my latest object de obsession - Symmetry scarves.  Seriously - these things are so cool.  I love their bulk.  Would really make it with simple leggings, a tee and studded boots. . .
I LOVE the hardware which allows you to position it just perfectly AND add some bling!
With Miss Bobbie, after a long but fun day!

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