Monday, October 18, 2010

Cyber obsession - Knitta Please

I was looking through this month's issue of THEME (love them) - such a great airplane read - and I came across a write-up on "knit graffiti", "yarnbombing", "knit tagging", whatever you would like to call the people that go into (often urban) environments (invited or not) and tag an otherwise hard, utilitarian piece of metal, sign, handle etc with yarn. . . customized, knit to the piece onsite.  I found it a fascinating & beautiful expression of the human spirit. . . and I'm completely in love with opposing materials like this.  A-mazing.  And also hilarious and whimsical two characteristics that please me to no end.  The coolest and maybe the original knit graffiti artist is Magda Sayeg, founder of Knitta Please.  I'm completely obsessed right now.  I particularly love the urban handles and sign posts - the unexpected little works they have completed that must surprise and delight anyone who notices them.  But the larger works are extraordinary and hugely impactful - see the trailor at El Cosmico in Marfa TX.  Plus, the colors - so gor-r-r-geous.  Check out Knitta Please and keep your eyes peeled for a little legwarmer on your nearest street lamp . . . if you are lucky.

Image from - Lamp Post in Austin

Image from - sign in Austin
image from - Trailor at El Cosmico in Marfa TX

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  1. This might be the coolest thing I have ever seen. Thanks for finding and sharing.



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